Metacreations painter 6.0

For further information please click here. Thanks very much, Tom Arah. With the recent releases of Photoshop 5. When the file is saved, separate graphic sections are created together with an HTML table which is used to reassemble the complete image in the browser. Copyright , Tom Arah , Designer-Info.

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The biggest practical difference is apparent with the airbrushes which are no longer limited to painting in head-on circles but instead produce conic sections depending on the angle at which you hold the stylus.

Sadly this was only the beginning of the problems with Painter. Painter's dynamic text still isn't suited for long sections of text and doesn't offer metacreztions formatting, but its great strength is that it offers future editability - just double-click on the floater name in the Objects palette and you can metacreatiohs both text and settings.

The first of these, Baseline, allows you to choose a curve style to automatically produce text on a fully editable path. In terms of new brush-based power, version 6 initially looks a big disappointment. To continue your search on the designer-info.

Thanks very much, Tom Arah. Rather more impressive are its special effect dynamic layers.

MetaCreations and Painter 6.0 woes; MetaCreations replies

Now, with an Intuos stylus, you can simply rotate and tilt your pen just as you would in real life. Computers MetaCreations and Painter 6. The power is impressive, but you have to be dedicated to make the most of it.

The logistics are a nightmare 6.0 if you are likely to want to create rollovers regularly then you would certainly be better off with a dedicated program like Macromedia Fireworks which can manage each image state as painnter frames. A buggy program is irritating enough at the best of times, but with Painter 6 it's especially infuriating as I really want to be able to get at its unrivalled creative power.

Metacreations Painter review

For free trials and special offers please click the following recommended links: Apple's rare sales warning sparks iPhone fatigue fears. The new system is a huge advance on the old and begins to bring the program under some sort of rational and even streamlined control - metacgeations it's by no means perfect. Don't show this again. Now, with the new computed brushes, strokes are completely smooth and mmetacreations - you can't paint fast enough to leave dabs because they just aren't there.

MetaCreations and Painter woes; MetaCreations replies - CNET

Make a mistake or decide to change paiter image element and you'll have to repeat the whole process from scratch. This half-point upgrade - the first version under the new MetaCreations label - is designed to build up a similar reputation for unrivalled web creativity and control. Image Optimization Surprisingly, Painter 5. Finally the third, Appearance, allows you to change opacity, choose any pattern or gradient fill and apply a blur effect.

Metacreations Painter 6

However, the fact that new layers ready for painting on can be created with a single click makes a huge difference in practice as does the fact that you can now handle selections on each layer.

One area that was very weak in version 5, and which 5. In the past this was handled through the use of floaters which were effectively bitmap objects floating above the main canvas. In other words each of the three main palettes acts as a window onto a scrollable list of all the former palettes! He essentially states that what the Tech Support person paintre Catherine is wrong: Moreover, as there is no automatic preview in the dialog, paintter have to click on the Preview metacreatjons to see the effect of any changes you make.

Hopefully the whole question of usability throughout the program will be addressed in a complete overhaul in version 6 as currently only the truly dedicated and determined will be able to make the most of Painter's huge power.

Meacreations threads can be closed emtacreations any time at our discretion. Much more worrying is the internal inconsistency - I repeatedly found that temporarily hiding a dynamic layer also mysteriously hid all underlying layers.

To an extent the shift from floaters to layers is largely semantic as layers now fulfil much the same function as the floaters used to.

The switch to layers is even better paitner for those users who continue to use both packages as Painter can now open and write to Photoshop PSD files while maintaining layers intact. The new Photoshop-style Layers section of the Objects menu also makes it much easier to change the stacking order, opacity and blend mode and to temporarily hide layers. MetaCreations makes a great deal about how its new layers are industry-standard.

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