Click the button below to directly contact the supplier. DrawNet brings the functionality of System 1 into a live, fully interactive graphical interface, rather than entering data in spreadsheets. Where flow becomes super-critical or rapid , Channel outputs a depth estimate based on stage discharge. MicroDrainage programs are very much tools for professional engineers.

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Build the application that best suits your drainage design needs by choosing from the modules described below. Scenarios may also be set up and analysed, such as exceedance analysis as a result of blocked inlets or silted up elements either throughout the system or at certain locations only. It leads you through a design process for SuDS from conceptual design — including water quality — to hydraulic flow analysis.

The software is modular to provide engineers with the flexibility to purchase software that is fit for purpose. The miicrodrainage technology platforms have evolved over decades of development to provide the most appropriate tools to suit the needs of engineers and approving authorities globally.

So the typical scenarios would be: Designed by engineers for engineers Micro Drainage software will enable you to design a fully integrated sustainable drainage system in conjunction with popular third party software in a timely manner. System 1 can be used alone or in combination with other modules: It returns graphical results. Eng Product Manager, EMEA The latest technology micordrainage have evolved over decades of development to provide the most appropriate tools to suit the needs of engineers and approving authorities globally.

Extracting results and providing the capability to illustrate them is fundamental in Micro Drainage. As a modular suite, Micro Drainage enables you to select the elements most suited to your immediate requirements, with the flexibility to introduce additional modules as they are needed.

MicroDrainage delivers confidence that drainage designs comply with legislation, standards and guidance, making planning approval faster and more straightforward. It also adds functionality to DrawNet and Simulation. Technical information for Win Des: MicroDrainage tests drainage designs against extreme weather events and allows for climate change; giving designers, engineers, approvers and auditors confidence in the mocrodrainage, effectiveness and efficiency of drainage systems, today and in the future.

Built with Standards in Mind.

XPSWMM or MicroDrainage?

At the same time, the full integration of the modules means that you can produce a complete drainage system, incorporating pipes, open channels, attenuation and SUDS in one model. Direct connection of underdrain flows to surface or subsurface elements of downstream structures gives a truer representation for more accurate analysis of the complex flow paths through SUDS treatment trains. A fully integrated sustainable drainage system will help to control the rainfall runoff and surface water management within a catchment to protect the environment for future generations.

Request more detailed information or literature.

Fast, accurate software for sustainable drainage design.

Live, interactive, graphical design interface. QuOST takes the drainage design data generated in MicroDrainage and automates the processes of taking off and pricing a project. Calculate greenfield runoff rates — even with complex flow controls — storage requirements and infiltration.

The model can incorporate flow controls to limit offsite discharges to the Greenfield condition. System 1 - drainage design module System 1 is the drainage design module in MicroDrainage.

The Latest Features in MicroDrainage

With MicroDrainage, you scope your drain networks accurately and optimally. Design surface water sewers Design sanitary foul water and combined sewers Design integrated sustainable urban drainage systems including attenuation and infiltration structures Analyse overland flood flow routing and output flood hazard maps Micro Drainage?

So the typical scenarios would be:.

Expert Support and Maintenance. Model extreme rainfall and graphical flood flow paths to eliminate design mifrodrainage and understand how your system will perform. FloodFlow calculates flow paths across a digital terrain model. CASDeF solves hydraulic problems within a drainage system. By creating intelligent links between Civil 3D and MicroDrainage files, changes can be made in either package and updated in the other at the click of a button.

Flood mitigation microdrainagee including attenuation and infiltration structures may also be included. Micro Drainage will auto-design the optimum surface water and sanitary foul water networks to satisfy local standards.

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