Nicolas jaar wouh

I really like the album. I sent Gadi a track when I was seventeen. What made you decide to move into making music in the first place?

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What appeals to you about working within that? Yeah, right, well, Time For Us is kind of supposed to be elastic and really weird to like experience that change in tempo. Textured with dialogue, natural sound, strings, songs operating along their own course, elements of blues, jazz, destabilized and treated into a unique and strikingly complete whole.

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View more related articles. Wouy gives it this timeless, sort of elastic quality… I mean is that something you think? Another thing I really like about your music is the textures there. And there I do think about, oh, what would be cool and amazing to just like feel in these clubs or whatever.

Wouh by Nicolas Jaar

You can get from A to B or from C to D. Actually it all starts back from when I heard Villalobos for the first time. Nicolas Jaar is tired.

And that would have been actually a real album. Like my voice slowly getting to the point where I feel like it sounds good when I sing. I guess taking the pressure off a bit. Did you find it a challenge to move to an album format? Like, as long as you create this tiny little world that people can look around and… So I guess less a story, more like a language?

You can play it in a club, and I play a lot of the songs in a club and I think they sound ok. Umm… I mean I make actually more dance music than a lot of people would think.

I mean to me it does. The low BPMslow pace, is something people always bring up. When I was like nine. I enjoyed playing live alone, but playing live with other people is amazing.

I make a lot of dance music, I just never put it out.

Really the idea that you can focus on a small thing or just go big picture. I was not interested in like a… a lot of people are doing this nicols, just like silence without… How to explain it? I really like the album.

And I thought that was the coolest song in the world. I like the idea of playing at the limits of things. And I try to do it a lot. Yeah, so when you moved back to New York were there any particular sounds or music that interested you? Is playing with space and silence and all those things important jawr you?

Wouh by Nicolas Jaar | Tracks | Chill AF

The fact that it slowed down was almost like the whole thing. That has influenced a lot I think. A sort of landscape, a landscape.

What made you want to start that? Someone that could sing better than me, that would nioclas great. We did a little necklace. But most importantly I think the fact that I was separated from NY and then went back — there was that break.

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