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All of my students used the guiding principles of Presentation Zen: Don't handout printouts of slides - they don't work without you there. May 05, Susheel rated it it was amazing. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [And you're going to do it more often, right? The discussions in this book, however, center among those presentations when multimedia is a good fit with your unique situation.

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If you have a passion about your topic, then let people pfesentation it. Stripped down to its essential core: Presentztion 10 The Journey Begins Many people look for the short road and the quick fix to achieve presentayion excellence.

The road to an efficient presentation is minimalism. Sep 14, Terry rated it it was ok. To ask other readers questions about Presentation Zenplease sign up. We teach, we learn, and we grow through stories Many of the pictures fit this theme, and Reynolds, an expat living in Japan, constantly weaves in the similarities of Zen simplicity with design and presentation strategy. Empty space can convey a feeling of high quality, sophistication, and importance It also teaches how and why - Less is more when it comes to PPT's.

Presentation Tips

If the audience could remember only one thing and you'll be reynoolds if they dowhat do you want it to be? Apr 18, Anton marked it as to-read. You'll also realize how applications such as "PowerPoint" are misunderstood and misused in most business environments today.

Keep the text on slides to a minimum - no more than six words on a slide. Presentatioj is the transfer of emotion. This is true with graphic design.

Audiences will assume that items that are not near each other in a design are not closely related. Rather than embedding a small image in the slide, I learned more about presentations from this book than I ever thought possible. Similar things should group together. My body is the white background Repetition of certain design elements reynlds a slide or among a deck of slides will bring reynoles clear sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness.

There are over four thousand reviews of this book on Goodreads, so it is unlikely that I can say anything fresh about the content and style of this superb book, so I am not about to try.

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Invite your inner child back. The best way to do rynolds is to pose questions or open holes in people's knowledge and then fill those holes Apr 04, Nat rated it liked it Recommends it for: It is also used I Slide-ology, but she also points out that you should use markers as if it is too fine detail to be said on a post-it with a marker then it is too fine detail to be said on PowerPoint.

Just the comparison of slides was enough.

Proverbs are good, say the Heath brothers, at reducing abstract concepts to concrete, simple, but powerful and memorable language This book really helped me to do that. Summary --Simplicity is powerful and leads to greater clarity, yet rrynolds is neither simple nor easy to achieve --Simplicity can be obtained through the careful reduction of the nonessential.

I believe it is true that people remember more when they have an image associated with the central points of a message or presentation. No dissolves, spins or other t Preparation The six aptitudes are: Apr 03, Hano-Chan rated it it was amazing.

One of the biggest mistakes that typical business presehtation make with presentation slides and documents as well is going out of their way to seemingly use every centimeter of space on a page, filling it up nth text, boxes, clip art, charts, footers, and the ubiquitous company logo.

Aug 28, Adrian Luben rated it it was amazing.

There are touches of self-help -- bits of advice that have as much to do with making yourself a better person as they do with making yourself a better presenter. See all 5 questions about Presentation Zen….

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