Please note that ReadNotify has no other information regarding the reading of your tracked emails than already included in your reports - which are as complete and accurate as possible. If you send a lot of tracked emails you may decide to delete old records from this list to enable faster load times. Your Personal Tracking Page lists every tracked email that you send and may only be accessed when you log in at the ReadNotify site with your password.

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Log in to the account you wish to cancel, then go to: If you'd like to take us for a 'test drive', please sign up for no-obligation free rsadnotify from the Read-Notify.

You can export your tracking data into a spreadsheet so you have a copy to keep; this readnotif is available from: These bounce-backs should also be sent to you and will include the reason for non-delivery.

On start up, your account is already configured per our 'Recommended' tracking defaults - and we will automatically send you email ReadNotifications when your tracked emails are opened. Web Plugin

ReadNotify staff can not offer opinions regarding your tracking data. Remember to move your mouse around to see all the popup information about each section of the report. First make sure you are registered with either a Free Trial or Subscription There are two ways you can send tracked emails: Document and PDF Tracking: ReadNotify has a strict privacy and anti-spam policy.

If you do not, then any recipients receiving the untracked email may see ReadNotify in their headers and could have trouble "replying" to them.

If you installed one of our ActiveTracker plugins, you can choose your sending options directly from your ActiveTracker menu. Once you have sent a tracked email you can log in to your ReadNotify account to see the status of it.

Read-Notify will endeavour to provide the following in your tracking reports: Although recommended tracking is not obvious to your recipients, it is not considered "invisible".

Only the body of your email is destructible, any attachments will be transmitted as usual and can not be retracted.

This 'retract' option will be available from your "Personal Tracking Page". ReadNotify already works with all popular email packages and computing platforms. - What is it, how does it work?

All subscription plans offered include limits on how many emails you can send in a year or month. We are not responsible for, nor have any control over what readnotjfy or your recipients choose to do with the emails you send.

What else does ReadNotify do? You will also receive a ReadNotification via email when your tracked email or document has been opened. Merging different accounts together If you send emails from more than one readnootify address, ReadNotify reaenotify you the option of linking these to the same account. The following is an overview of these features with the manual extensions listed for quick reference.

You can elect to receive a copy of these Delivery Service Notifications from: Keep in mind that whichever address you list as your 'primary' one is where all your email ReadNotifications and receipts will be sent. - the ultimate tool for your email

Other sending options and features. So, send your tests to someone who does not use the same computer as you.

ReadNotify offers "smart" receipts. Setting up your account and password Passwords: Only the body of your email can be ensured, any attachments will be transmitted as usual and can not be retracted. No downloads or plugins are necessary.

The majority of these are available on our ActiveTracker rewdnotify - but they can all be accessed manually too. ReadNotify not only let's you know when your emails have been opened, but also tracks the delivery status of the messages you send. Paid subscribers can install our optional ActiveTracker app which adds the tracking automatically as you send your emails.

If you send a lot of tracked emails you may decide to delete old records from this list to enable faster load times.

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