Sheeshe ka ghar pathar ke log novel

Moona is a sweet teenager living with Adeena. Pathar Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab Tahi Daman is a story of a woman named Maher Bano, whose just one mistake made her life very difficult and forced her to walk on path of stones and thorns. Kambal Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab Chakar Baaz By Kashif Zubair

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Sheeshay Ka Ghar Pathar Ke Log by Fayyaz Mahi Download Pdf

He has s of short stories and 10s of Novel on his credit, and has readership in millions. Another character is a ran away girl who left her family and home for love but did she really find her love? Akeli is a beautiful social, romantic novel written by very famous novel writer "Salma Kanwal".

Tu Meri Zaroorat Hai. The novel is based on story of Shanela, a respectable girl who had to face so many problems in life after death of her father after a big loss in business. Mujhe Mohabbat Ka Qareena Do is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Ushna Kausar Sardar, who has written this novel exclusively for her fans and this novel is being published online on kitaab Ghar, starting from eid ul fiter The novel also shows all the colors of life and positive and negative emotions of a human like jealousy and revenge, greed and leg pulling, caring about closed ones, guidance to walk shesshe straight path etc.

Lpg ke Pighalnay Tak. Her breathing became irregular.

Social Romantic Urdu Novels

There is a certain fire in the style, in which the novel is written. Ayesha Liaqat is an emerging writer who is basically an Economist. Shaheen Novel By Naseem Hijazi Commando Novel by Tariq Ismail Sagar He had to face the same hardships of unjustice and outlaws. Zanjeer Novel By Shamim Naveed The novel, started in July and ghaar serialized in Monthly Kiran Digest has already captured huge readership.

Novel is based on the life of Lead Female Character Aryan and her struggle to survive with dignity in this cruel unjust man dominant society, but she never surrender.

It is a beautiful story written in the background of Pakhtun culture and values.

Sheeshay Ka Ghar Pathar Ke Log By Fayyaz Mahi Pdf - ReadingPk

It is her first Novel and full of extreme sentiments she portrayed beautifully. She got frightened and increased her speed but whole hhar her life started coming before her like a movie.

Why she left USA and for whom? The main character of the novel hero faces many hardships in his life, family problems and social issues but he does not give hope and keep moving with high goals. The good bad events in the lives of these four friends make this novel and reader walks step by step with the characters of this novel.

It is a story of a mean ungrateful person who betrayed and destroyed his patrons in seeking power. All the Characters have their Own Fantastic Roles and are beautifully related to the theme of the Novel.

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With the development of story of the novel, readers will gradually find out who is Repunzel of this Novel. Chakar Baaz By Kashif Zubair After intense struggle lof finds peace within herself, by accepting the reality.

It is a story of a mean ungrateful person who betrayed and destroyed his patrons in seeking power. Who is this girl? Novel explains that Generation Gap is a very common problem in many Families, where young movel think elders are unnecessarily forcing their rules and restrictions on them.

Iblees Novel by Nimra Ahmed Although events in life of each prisoner were different but still they have many things common in the sbeeshe like fallen in love rebellious teenagers, mature and married involved in adultery, Greed Jealousy Hate and Revenge.

Sabahat shows her bad evil side as a step mother, while grandmother shows her love and care. She started his writing career in student life and with Rida Digest.

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