Ishqiya dhishkiyaon ram leela

Based on the famous and much adapted play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, the film is a fairly intense romantic-drama adaptation with a ballad-theme. Bhansali saab please understand movie is supposed to be real and theater is drama unless you don't want it to be otherwise. In other words, "an epic-tragic-love story".

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All other movies are just the copy of Hollywood worst movies in a worst manner. Richa Chaddha was authentically raw as the sister-in-law of Leela, Abhimanyu Singh was quite rustic as Ram's elder brother, Ishhqiya Pathak as Chieftain of Sanedas and Leela's mother turned out to be somewhat like "Marlon Brando in The Godfather" and was quite strong. The music and acting made it the most beautiful song ever.

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When everything was seen falling apart, there came the final nail in the coffin, Priyankas awful item number. I just wished that rather than spending 6hrs in gym, had he spent few hours knowing about the character, it'd have helped this movie immensely. They deserve Krish 3 and Rowdy Rathore. Each set are very well made and songs are beautiful along with dance steps Main male lead body is deliberately over exposed, which doesn't go well with the premise of the movie, where ishqyia of the person prefers to cover themselves.

This leads me onto where Sanjay Leela Bhansali got some of his inspiration from and in my opinion he has intertwined a very religious time of the year in Indian culture excellently with the intricate and fierce story of Romeo and Juliet. I will not talk about the plot for there is none to be talked about - we all are already well-familiar with the age-old story. Performance wise Iehqiya Singh is OK but lacks in most of the emotional scenes. Talking of performances, the single-most positive thing about this movie is Supriya Pathak's performance.

The film is intense, wonderfully directed and benefits from great acting. A masterpiece by the master craftsman Sanjay Leela Bhansali!

Bhansali saab please understand movie is supposed to be real and theater is drama unless you don't want it to be otherwise.

The perfection that Bhansali has expressed in all the aforementioned topics gets polluted by the flawed script.

Please take some time and watch the original Shakespeare version and the Baz Luhrmann version as these will give you a good representation of an excellent story and telling the story in a different and unusual way.

A women, who is able to remove bullet from her most loved one person's dead body, possess soft heart!! Songs are pretty good except 'Ishqyaun' that reminds you of Govinda-Raveena of 90s, simply bogus. Apart from the big ishiqya and beautiful sets, there is hardly anything worth remembering. The film's cinematography by Ravi Varman is excellent where every frame is painted isuqiya with sheer excellence and the execution of the shots by Ken Metzker in his DI work has been put up well.

No two opinions about it. But actually this isn't a Bhansali genre at all and once the love birds get separated, going into the violent mood, the film falls flat with everyone behaving in a confusing manner not suiting their actual character as defined in the first hour.

In the lead, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone come up with a sizzling chemistry as well as great performances, with the latter showcasing more excellence.

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The sad part is they will succeed in their propaganda with critics dhishkiyakn Taran Adarsh and Mina Iyer eulogizing every frame.

The film starts on Bhansali sets where there are lot of guns. So the director had a clear intention of using the phrase "RAM-LEELA" for his film's instant publicity alone and all this controversy could have been easily avoided by using any other name with a regional touch.

You can see the ishqqiya of director to convey the feelings in every frame, every camera angle, every dance step. She, as Leela, is flawless.

With stretchy sequences, pure masala bollywood dialogues, more useless songs, pointless silhouettes and closeups and typical SLB elements at every step, the movie comes to a close.

Being Gujarati I know this culture so hats off, chemistry between Dipika and ranveer it's amazing.

I am not familiar with any of the actors; nor with Bollywood films in general, which I do not find appealing because of their over- dramatisation of There's great chemistry in there, as well as some more than convincing acting, all in wonderful colours and costumes. Keep it up Dhishkiuaon. But as we know by now, having watched those Deepika films, she never gives the "happy ending".

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