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Please keep me in the loop about more free resources and news in psychometrics and assessment. Item Banking and Online Testing Certifior: Installation of Iteman includes a detailed PDF manual.

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The tieman generation of Iteman will be released in Augustand will be a cloud-based software as a service SaaS ; this allows a number of advantages, including easier updates, no local installations on Windows, support for non-Windows users, and better performance. Classical Test Theory Analysis Xcalibre: Additionally, we have provided free training videos at our YouTube channel. Anonymous user The updated version is fantastic and the new statistics are wonderful.

Iteman | Computerized Adaptive Testing, Educational Assessment | Assessment Systems

Customer Testimonials Our staff especially liked the following features: About Us Leadership Careers Blog. Powered by X-Cart shopping cart software.

Using Iteman 4 is straightforward: Iteman 4 - Test and item analysis software with classical test theory.

Ask a question about this product. Because it is Word, you can paste in item texts and write narrative as you please.

Iteman 4 - Test and item analysis software with classical test theory

Output is a Word file with embedded tables, graphics, and narratives. Please check the manual and videos before contacting us; in-person support for Iteman 4 is available at our normal consultant billing rates. The purpose of these reports is to help oteman programs evaluate the quality of test items, and tests as a whole, by examining their psychometric characteristics.

More information is available here. The program is then "unlocked" ieman the full version once the payment process is completed. If you deliver tests on that platform, Iteman reports are available with a single click. Click here to see an example report as a PDF. While limited to 50 items and 50 examinees, there is no limit on time. Inquiries Technical Support Want to purchase Iteman?

Iteman 4 is a downloadable PC software that uses input files in CSV or TXT format, allowing you to manage large data sets of up to hundreds of thousands of examinees. Item Response Theory Analysis. The program produces extensive test-level output regarding the examinee scores, including 7 estimates of reliability, complete analysis of domains content areasfrequency distributions of scores, subscores, and statistics, and CSEM.

Initial support is provided by the detailed manual that is included with the software. About Us Leadership Careers Blog. Powerful yet flexible, it saves substantial time by psychometricians and produces output loved by subject matter experts.

Iteman 4 - Classical test theory analysis and NCCA reports

Iteman 4 licenses are determined by the use of the program:. This allows you to get going with the program immediately.

Customer Testimonials Our staff especially liked the following features:. This is the coolest item analysis ever! Iteman 4 has been retired, and is no longer being sold although we will continue to oteman existing users.

Want to save the effort of pasting in the item texts? Produce professional-level psychometric reports iteeman on the tried-and-true approach of Classical Test Theory. Simply fill out the form on the right and you will be sent a link.

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