Strucad v15 software

We felt it was better to take the productivity gains upfront than later on. Home From Strucad To Tekla. Taking Tekla is like taking an excavator and digging a very big hole very quick. Can we have in fabrication drawings the center of gravity of the beam marked? Manolis Kariotis December 19, at 4:

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NET is how it manages the production process. Tekla does not have the same limitations so we just go on and use it. Our detailers picked up the custom components very quickly.

As in the photo attached, I cannot make contact with the license server when entering my license key softwar. One could say we would have been the hardest people to move across, being the users and makers of StruCad.

AceCad Software Releases New Version of SteelWork Modeling System

NET takes control of the fabrication process further downstream, managing estimates, contracts, inventory and suppliers, production and budgets. Once a tender has been won, individual contracts can be compiled, based on key information such as material grades, paint specifications, phase, delivery dates, invoice dates, schedule of construction, and even who gets to retain any scrap material. Fabricator has got an issue with the dxf files I produce using 'Gentemp'.

Not only on the commercial basis, but also for the productivity gains.

The management process is controlled at administration level, not only in terms of the area that is assigned to each user, but through the implementation of user levels, restricting exactly what users can do with their assigned areas, down to an individual part level.

In StruCad we had to work around which caused errors and costly sturcad. StruCad could never sotfware certain styles. With the Model Management system, the contractor is able to set up specifications for the job and, if it is sub-contracted, all the standards are pushed down automatically through the system.

AceCad Software India: Building Information Modelling Concept

StruWalker can again be used to provide visual feedback on all of this including showing exactly what phase of construction a project has reached at any point in time.

You can dig a hole with your hands, get sore hands and need get your nails done, or use a spade, dig the hole quicker and have calluses on your hands. To help identify specific materials, for example where a mark number appears within StruM.

Raymond Thomas 5 hrs. Firewall, antivirus and UAC in register have been switched off. Mark Forbes December 21, at 5: With all this data being pushed around the globe over the Internet one might expect there to be issues with bandwidth. Just released this month, StruCad Version 15 includes a brand new Model Management system, which facilitates a controlled multi user environment.

Can we have in fabrication drawings the center of gravity of the beam marked? One of the most powerful capabilities in StruM. The business benefits come first. Hi all, thanks for accepting We are very happy with moving v51 Tekla. A number of bar-coding options can also be used so the exact position of each piece of steel can tracked with ease.

NET to facilitate a more flexible, modern and faster platform on which to develop.

AceCad Software India: Building Information Modelling Concept

Also, steucad the data has been sent, only the updates need to be checked back in. So Tekla can make life easier for steel detailers, too? Sections of this page. If you want to switch to Tekla software, contact local Tekla office.

With regular involvement and unique understanding of design and build contracts, the StruServices team are able to deliver and exceed expectations on all structural steelwork contracts.

NET products offer the steel fabrication industry. The StruServices - steel detailing team have extensive experience as a result of softwarr on a variety of worldwide contracts, all differing in complexity and often with high architectural or intricate industrial content.

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