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In comparison to the diversified and energizing comeback "Eclipse" and the melancholic masterpiece "Silent Waters", "Skyforger" is a littlle bit calmer and more folk orientated. Growls are not a bad thing. Nuclear Blast Band Website:

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With the musical development they began writing their material according to Finnish legends and Elegy is their official getaway from the war theme that ruled their first two albums.

Archived from the original on June 1, It's actually a pretty complex tune and Joutsen does break out the growls later in the track. At any rate, the rest of the band is in fine form. It doesn't have the same impact or structure to make it sound like one unforgettable, organized song.

This occurs multiple times throughout the song and is timed exceedingly well. Write your own review. Tomi Joutsen is without flaw.

Amorphis presents their new piece, Skyforger, an album which overall tops every single amoephis that has come before it.

The vibrant energy from Eclipse is present in songs such as Silver Bride, while the melancholic tendencies of Silent Waters also appear throughout the album, specifically in the slower, more melodic tracks such as From The Heaven Of My Heart and My Sun. After intensive touring, AMORPHIS wkyforger to discover new musical grounds skyfirger hired Pasi Koskinen, who additionally worked with clean vocals, as new singer, leaving guitarist and former singer Tomi Koivusaari the chance to focus more on his six string work.

The sound is a mix of melodic riffs containing trace elements of death metal and progressive metal with a very slight shadow of doom metal that has by this stage in their career all but disappeared.

Amorphis – Skyforger

Stop being a clone. Now, Amorphis are no slouches in this field, as they proved with their previous album, but here the artwork takes on a new level of beauty and significance. New album "Eclipse" gained brilliant reviews worldwide and, along with single "House Of Sleep", even topped the Finnish charts for the first time in the band's career! For a somewhat lighter, elevating Amorphis, Skyforger 's definitely the thing that'll capture your attention.

Joutsen's growling is throughout the album, but it's at its most authoritative and intimidating on this one song. Speaking of vocals, Tomi Joutsen shines the brightest on this record, and truly displays just how varied his capabilities are. Byat the latest, the scene was full of "emo" kids and popqueens, dancing between the evil black dressed vikings and long-haired creatures.

This is without doubt the most musical record we have done so far. I managed to listen to this record about 6 times on the day they finally took it down from their MySpace and, while I was disappointed that they took it down, I was incredibly stoked to get to hear the thing in full.

Skyforger (album) - Wikipedia

The songs sound a lot like the mainstream pop metal music that is becoming more and more popular amongst the metal scene. In Silver Bride, it leads right out of the epic conclusion of Sampo straight into the next song, toning things down a bit for only about 30 seconds before dropping the whole condensed sound and face-slamming you with full-on overdrive with solo guitars in the foreground.

Now every skeptic would have second thoughts at this point, as big labels often mean that a band will change their style and imagery completely, their primary goal being to achieve more and more commercial success, to seemingly earn enough money out of their music, so that they can cover a great deal of costs, coming out of their way of living or preforming. They now sound like hammer blows, cushioned by soft bland tunes and smooth drumming accompanied by mellow riffing.

Not only that they were the first band added to the metal-archives.

Swiss Albums Skyforver [11]. In comparison to the diversified and energizing comeback "Eclipse" and the melancholic masterpiece "Silent Waters", "Skyforger" is a littlle bit calmer and more folk orientated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Skyforter the previous album, the lyrics to Skyforger are English translations of Finnish poems based on the Kalevala and written by Pekka Kainulainen. His work on Eclipse and Silent Waters is impressive and I became a huge fan due to him. With a little bit more focus, a track like "Highest Star" could have become an enchanting folk track but as it is on the record it sounds quite redundant.

I can imagine this will be a great album for the autumn when I'm doing scenic drives in New Hampshire and Maine; like skydorger of their previous works, it creates a harmonic confluence with the natural world, and the folklore of Finland's history.

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Amorphis is a strange band that I have enjoyed immensely. Amorphis have been on quite the tear since acquiring Tomi Joutsen; it is now the third album with this new singer, yet another quality effort which aspires to but doesn't quite reach the level of some of their classics 'Tales from the Thousand Lakes', 'Elegy'.

However, the most important guitars, of course, are the ones that constitute to whatever fragment of this album could still be considered heavy metal.

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