Bitcoin adcredit Ponzi cycler. On October 6th, , Cool Trade Inc. What legit provider does this? According to the filing, Cool Trade Inc. Latest United Success Network Review:

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Just another company packaging bs and promising profit from selling the product not using it.

As far as I could see 14 minutesthe compensation plan is relatively unchanged. Cary Flanders appears to have a stock market and loan industry background: Fill it out and send colltraderpro in.

For more information on use of collected data and cookies please refer to our Privacy Policy. I got a call about it tonight, but the hard sell always throws up red flags for me.

She paid through PayPal which has buyer protection. The system does come with pre-loaded strategies for newbies to try out. I think after two years I mostly broke even except for my margin losses.

Thank cooltraderrpo all for your comments! Apr 17th, at 9: You will be wasting the first several months trying to get it to go live with some profit.

Cool Trader Pro Review: Robotic Stock Trading?

Nov 21st, at 2: And you are one of the fortunate few being extended an invitation to witness the future first hand! Oct 24th, at 7: Apr 22nd, at 3: Mar 15th, at 7: Not to mention the fact that if a new affiliate is sold on projected incomes, ROI and guarantees and then actually loses money — that introduces an entirely different set of issues again.

Individuals can access schedules for live events, live webinars, and local product trainings worldwide. Oct 20th, at May 23rd, at 3: There are no advanced indicators or methods like Fibonnaci, Channeling or trend lines. Oct 21st, at They are embarrassed to report this to authorities, families or friends.

I cooltradeepro my website has been hacked by someone on the inside.

Cool Trader Pro collapses, Cool Trader Inc files for bankruptcy

A visit to the Cool Trader Inc. Bitcoin adcredit Ponzi cycler Hedger Tech Review: As per the commission payouts above, the way this works is that the affiliate making the sale is paid at their commission level. Our results have been modest. CoolTrade strategies are highly customizable, although not for a rank amateur to easily understand. Video link removed, offline as of 28th February This effectively means that Cool Trader Pro are using a 3up MLM compensation structure the commissions on the first three sales are passed up and is required before an affiliate can earn commissions.

Using this system, any sales made cooltraderprl affiliates in these generations up to six pay out a commission as follows: How much money would it take you to STAB your best friend in the back????????

They have a boilerhouse full of these cold callers who will offer discounts, additional training, bonus seminars, etc. Nick Rausch also has a background in finance and robotic trading, Nick Rausch is cooltrqderpro and managing member of Automated Capital Systems a private hedge fund located in Palm Beach, Florida General Partner and the Investment Advisor.

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