Dota imba 3.82 map

Fixed AI strange behavior caused by Wand. Fixed AI's hero spawn position. Fixed AI keep "pausing" when owning Magic Wand and is not in full life.

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Creates illusions of all enemy units in the target area. Fixed AI for following: The biggest changes are: Added 3.28 names in -coolnames list.

Fixed defense mech and ganking mech on observer mode.

IMBA e AI EN - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic

DotA 1 to 2. Does not take effect on creeps, towers or neutrals.

Fixed several miscalculated arrays to conform RGB's and several tweaks. Unless a unit has equal or more gold than you do, it cannot kill you. Mana Bars for 1. Every hero starts with random stats and stat gains. AI Buy routine tweak: Orb attack do not count as attack.

DotA IMBA 3.82 Download

AI movement go back and forth if fail to go back to base e. DotA 1 to 2. Added -aiglyph toggle the AI autoglyph. Each buff has two effects: About Me Chandra Sekhar.

Item builds by Green Added: Full support for cooldown system and ability data, including Aghanim's skills and "growing skills" like Krobelus' and Magi's. I am not responsible for any kind of malfunctioning of program. Mana Bars for 1. Automatically disables AI report missing system after all enemy heroes reached lv11 Minor tweak 3.882 Luna's AI. Added Spellsteal AI imperfect, but is nice enough for now. New defense system with improved calculation for debugging purpose we can still see the AI's defending response Added tango and sentry ward as substitutable items for TP, remodelled the function to allow easier substitute.

Allowed AI to use Stick on same logic. Minor bugfixes on item system.

Fixed bug of AI trying to bypass towers and get patrolling instead. Pleas talk to me how to write down af 3.

Dota imba v3.82d AI

New hero choosing system class system implemented: Bonus does not apply to wielder. AI spells against corpses Fixed: Death Match get a new hero everytime you die -nd: Able to attack your teammates. Fixed bug on Tp from air system.

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