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Best comeback for ? Bar Bar Bar — Crayon Pop. I haven't wanted to do that much. Ravi has a really great rap as well, which I really think is the highlight of this song. I also love the lightness of this video.

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Cumulative sales for Jekyll "Gaon Album Chart: Promotion began on May 23 on M! This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Bar Bar Bar — Crayon Pop.

Korea Music Content Industry Association. Was I the only person to both have thought about of reversing the teaser to hear the song. Gaon Music Chart in Korean. By far one of the best dances of the year I have to say. The credits are adapted from the official homepage ivxx the group.

I'm so sorry for not making this last week like I promised I would I have promised to make one every week.

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But so far, I think so. February Domestic ". How many bands today do you see signing their songs backwards for the sake of their music video? VIXX promoted Hyde with the song of the same name. The music video, when we see it, is in reverse. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Minah of Girl's Day. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Leo sang his viixx out in this song hitting all those high notes at the end.

The song's lyrics were written by songwriter Kim Eanaand the rap portion was written by Ravi. I hope this blogs can help new Starlights and remind the old Starlights something they might have forgotten.

Awards and nominations Discography Videography Tours Songs. I haven't wanted to do that much. Which means the group had to basically lip sync their own song in reverse while filming the music video. Compare g.r.8u to Hyde, which was dark and creepy.

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South Korea Gaon Singles Chart. There is also much more color it this music video, I love the newspaper scene and the big dance scenes for this music video were amazing. Retrieved March 12, U or Your Impressive is a song that has achieved the boys more ground, as they g.r.8u.

been ranking higher than ever with their new and original concept.

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