Ireb for iphone 3g 4.2.1

Its all explained here http: Wolverine thanks for your reply. How to upgrade my iPhone 5. My iDevice is a iPod Touch 4G. Sorry but TinyUmbrella will not work to kick your iDevice out of recovery because it is valid for all firmware versions less than or equal to iOS 4.

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P3rf3ctvo1d January 1, I have spent all easter weekend glued to my computer trying to fix this error and this was the only thing that I could find in 2 days of internet searching.

Download iReb 4.2.1 RC3 To Support iOS 4.2.1 & 4.2.6

In this case, i will be selecting iPhone 4 as i want to restore iOS 4. Can it help me to come out of DFU loop?

Andre August 8,4: I have downloaded iReb, iBooty and I only have access to a windows based computer. And phone screen is the same this http: Like it wouldn't have the apple logo, it wouldn't do anything.

Mmmm, i dont know, it wasnt my phone… But i think it wasnt, so u wouldnt know what connectors connects to the speakers fog I think you are on right-track.

16xx errors when restoring to iPhone 3G (used iReb)

I have a iphone 3gs 6. Everything is Relative Device: Hello Again; You know i get itunes 28 error.

Go get it from http: Hello,I have a rockyroad jailbroken ipod, 5. You want me to restore my iphone with the previous frameware 4. I have tried the three option that you suggested… Use TinyUmbrella http: I have an iPhone 3GS with 4.

Once done, chances are that you will be back to the DFU loop. To solve this issue, create iOS 4. DaniJaffal September 6, I made custom ipsw with snowbreeze and am restoring when I get the error.

I tried this method but i got 16xx errors on itunes.

Download iREB RC3 for Windows, iDevices Supported by iREB RC3

Do you have a any ideas? Arslan April 30,3: Ipnone I am running iPhone 4 iOS 4. I tried restore with 4,3,3 i get an arror same: This will give you more clear idea http: It depends if you have saved SHSH blobs for lower firmwares or not. I think you are still using tethered jailbreak.

My phone is lock and iphone 3gs. I just got an iphone 4 4.

Any advice on what to do would really be appreciated! If you have saved iOS 4. After i googled my problem i downloaded the system upgrade file seperately and then tried to upgrade it with pressing shift and upgrade.

Try iReb v5 as it works better for some people on our older dor well, mainly just the latest iReb doesn't work so well.

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