Novel hafalan shalat delisa

The story of a Indonesian students in Europe. So that this dialogue it addition. Addition is changes elements of the story in the process of film adaptation. Ecranization is a process of transformation or changes from novel into film. Amazing, this novel got positive reaction and many comments from the readers.

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Delisa ingin mengulang hafalan bacaan shalat itu.

In this novel is implicitly reflected the meaning of love in broadest sense. This love born from nature fitrah which God has given to every hearts. The term for the novel in most European language is roman, which is derived from the medieval term, the romance. In the beginning, Tengku Umam playing football in the beach when Tiur come with her bicycle after that Tengku Umam bullies her Dialogue: Sebuah penggambaran romantisme yang mudah dicerna dan membuat kita seakan masuk ke dalam cerita.

Ustad Rahman Joe Project P. Love of God, love of family, and love for fellow human being. Apa itu Rebana Al-Banjari??

Perasaan itu datang dariMu. What's Up with Love?


Layu bagai api yang tak pernah panas membakar. Delisa ingin menyetor hafalan itu langsung kepadaMu. Semua perasaan itu juga akan kembali kepadaMu. Novel is now applied to a great variety of writing that have in common only the attribute of being extended works of fiction written in prose. She teach lower and upper student in one class.

Abstract of Undergraduate, Faculty of Education, Bung Hatta University

Sweet Calendar Japan Calendar. Semiotika digunakan untuk mengungkapkan makna di balik tanda. So that this dialogue it addition. Di tengah-tengah hujan deras ini.


Omissions, is removing part of the novel in the transformation process. The author would like to invite readers to know the meaning and value of true love is love that onvel based on and accompanied by a godly attitude.

Delisa talk about sincerity to Abi, Delisa sincere to all of happen in her life after that she was sing a song for her mother.

This story can makes the readers felt touch emotion, sad, and fall the tears when they read it.

A popular girl has to choose whether she wants to stay as a part of her clique or fall for the brooding literature-loving boy in her school. In that dialogue it support that Delisa is strong children that she can face the fact. One of her leg had to amputated because it got serious injured. And after that there was a footnote from the writer; that while Delisa is confused trying to understand why her occasion is lost, a thousand of angels are preparing a palace for him in heaven.

The changes character of Mrs. All of people being worried, they try to save their life but Delisa did not care and still keep praying. Semiotic is used to reveral the meaning behind of the sign. In transformation of this novel into film many things are changes from the novel. Addition can be done to the element of film such as, setting, story, character, plot and so on. Katakanlah ikrar cinta itu hanya karenaNya. Diana "Bunga Citra Lestari" move to her husband work place in malaysia.

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