Both men are also personal heroes of mine and of course I had to check out this collaboration between them. One out of Five stars. There is, however, a strangely placed outtro that modulates the main theme into a minor key and puts it against a backtrack that sounds like a classical orchestra playing circus music. I recognize the riff from a Hackett tune but can't remember it.

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Sqyackett of Smiles - Digital single released on Itunes. Besides, the backing band is basically Hackett's, including Roger King on keyboards who played on Hackett's many recent studio and live albums. I guess this matches with the "division" of the title, but it doesn't seem at all like a logical conclusion to what had come before it, and I always wish the track was a minute shorter.

It's kind of a strange thing squackettt tack on the end of what is essentially a pop song, and in my opinion it doesn't really add much to the track. Review by progaeopteryx Prog Reviewer.

The fifth track "Sea Of Smiles" written by Hackett, Squire and King represents another return to the past, to the 60's.

This is a very heavy song that reminds me Led Zeppelin especially due to the drumming in the John Bonham's style. Both men are also personal heroes of mine and of course Squackert had to check out this collaboration between them. The official birth of SQUACKETT was announced by the musicians in when the band started to work in the culmination of the album, in which we are able to enjoy the unique style of Steve combined with the skills of Chris in the bass and was released on June 6, putting and end to the expectation and impatience of the fans.

A Life Within a Day - Wikipedia

Basic half-tempo grooves are used over-extensivelyas in Hacketts last solo album. It seems to me the entire impetus of the album was misguided from the start. Squackett's debut release is very much in the same vein, though the similarities with each member's foundational bands Genesis and Yes are weak links. That's what it sounds like!

This is clearly the best track on the squacjett. The drum sound is the same as in Hacketts last three or four solo albums.

Squackett News

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Steve's voice continues to sound fine in its own low-key waycreating some nice harmonies with Chris in spots, and while his guitar playing doesn't really show much that hasn't been heard in other albums, it still produces some typically interesting stretches.

I recognize the riff from a Hackett tune but can't remember it. I think the songs are more simple and direct.

Sea of Smiles Dull song with a catchy chorus made dull by harmonic vocalsand the sound is very soft and muffled, no edge. For every winner, the landscape is littered with many more typically short-lived projects of varying degrees of quality and success. Squackett is the side project which took on a separate life of its own.

The singing is mostly harmonic, consisting of several layered parts. So, in the same year wquackett could see four of the greatest progressive musicians working together. Everything else about the track, though, is just fine, especially in the parts with the majestic rising "Tall ships, bright stars The good moments lay when they decided to do what they do best, Progressive Rock.

A Life Within a Day

Sea of Smiles Hackett. The second track "Tall Ships" written by Hackett, Squire and King manages to keep up the high standard of the album with a funky style. To everyone who has spent few days in a darkened room listening "Storm Corrosion", like me, I can only say that pull back the curtains and open the windows, because summer in the land of prog has arrived through the release of "A Life Within A Day".

And once again in a recent release, the drums.

Sometimes it's nice, but it's overused, making the singing expression impersonal. I like the guitar riff somewhat, but the repeated chorus "Perfect Love Song" becomes repetitive. A quirky arrangement drives "Sea of Smiles," but the catchy chorus and Hackett 's brightly distorted guitar tie it all together.

A Life Within a Day - Squackett | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I like the vocals and the more majestic moments, but the opening track doesn't really do the album justice. Tracks from the album being played at www.

And there are moments "Divided Self"; "Can't Stop the Rain" that rival the worst prog-pop of "Love Beach" era ELP, updated with the 21st century curse of auto-tuned vocals and phony multi-tracked harmonies.

The Summer Backwards Hackett.

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