Thee spivs

Taped Up, naturally, comes at you rude and crude, thick and fast. Do they even have spivs any more? In a world of self-important three-hour movies and minute albums, economy of expression is always commendable.

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BBC - Music - Review of Thee Spivs - Black and White Memories

It's such an old-fashioned word, isn't it, "spiv"? Taped Up, naturally, comes at you rude and crude, psivs and fast. Find out more about page archiving. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity.

They're the spitting image of Eater, et al; they're keeping the punk "phlegm" burning; etc. The Fence Hop is the Ramones one, I Don't Want It is the Rezillos via the Clash and features a lyric about slamming your head against the wall a popular pastime in the late 70s but not to be tried at home, alright, kids? Order by newest oldest recommendations. It sounds as though it was recorded in a toilet. Radio bangs on, albeit briefly, about how bad daytime radio is, as per the Clash's Capital Radio and Costello's Radio Radio.

Even "Danny Suplex" smacks of a punk pseudonym, maybe because it sounds like Ruefrex.

That said, the organ sound spidering across Jealous Friend and Back to spvis Start is a welcome addition. A bit like the word "rotter" — the one that the Sex Pistols used on that TV show in to show their absolute contempt for host Bill Grundy. Not that you'll need to dig out your old punk records to remind yourself of the glory days because here come Thee Spivs, thef boys from Kent, Essex and Scunthorpe, to do it for you.

In a world of self-important three-hour movies and minute albums, economy of expression is always commendable. Do they even have spivs any more?

It's True is the Undertones complete with a Sharkey-esque quiver in the voice. They're so punk their singer's called Edge — you know, as in Vicious, Rotten and Hell. What's Wrong With You is a dead ringer for the Who's Can't Explain, and Leave Me Alone recalls early Wire at their most brutal, concise and sardonic — and even makes us think of Taped Up as a Wire-style coherent conceptual work rather than an excuse slivs rattle through a bunch of songs at breakneck speed.

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They wear their influences on their sleeve, do Thee Spivs, to the extent that, listened to end to end and the whole thing only lasts 27 minutesit comes across like a punk Stars in Their Eyes. Is a spiv a chav in a suit?

The funniest track, though not necessarily the best, is Uncle's Got An Asbo, about a miscreant of a relative who spends his time "bashing up the coppers". If you choose to use this review on your site please link thse to this page.

It smacks of guttersnipes and the Dickensian era.

Thee Spivs (No 900)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. They're so punk that their debut album, Taped Up, recorded by Stuart James Cooper, has 14 tracks on it, with the longest pair both coming in at 2: I'm Alive does the Jam's Eton Rifles, the vocals neatly expressing apivs rage — if you can imagine such a quaint concept.

Fourteen songs clocking up barely 30 minutes in total! We're not sure what Thee Spivs' thoughts are on Dickens or indeed of archaic, obsolete language in general but they certainly seem to be pretty big fans of punk — which is 35 next year, by the way.

TheeSpivs | Thee Spivs | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Spivvs if you were in any doubt about what to expect from Thee Spivs, We See Red, a superbly caustic gobbet of furious punk pop that opens the album, settles that in one minute and 53 seconds. Pop and rock Indie features. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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