Yas az chi begam barat

This is a remake and higher quality version of the original video. What can I say? We're all suffering, but what good is that? Maybe I shouldn't have said all these things Maybe Separating is the only way left for you to survive and live your life Maybe you've reached a point that you can't continue together any longer And Maybe

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Put the blame on who??? Zol-gharnein was a merciful king who was kind to inferiors which is true of Cyrus the Great to the extent that even his enemies revered him.

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This harsh destiny who has hunted me down??? He was extraordinarily peerless in all over the world. All this pain I feel, has broken my ribs Don't see my smiles, cuz' it's just taped over my lips This is me, dragging my foot prints What can I say?

He barrat a blasphemer who worshipped the many gods of Ancient Greece. And each new beginning is a new birth. Zigurat Pictures Cover Photo: The fact that I shout out-loud I'll keep singing and kill my silence I'll stay and shout till I reach the top I'll stretch my wings and leap to the heart of these stories From now on I'll shout out all my feelings I'll keep singing and kill my silence I'll stay and shout till I reach the top I'll stretch my wings and leap to the heart of these stories Listen to my words and see, the agonies I suffered What my generation has seen, made our tears fall Those without such pains - how they saw ours, They became even more cruel, what a pity for our land What can one do???

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Childhood died for the class that burned down, Now in wait for a plastic surgeon to come help out YAS never wants to bring the story to an end Because he still wants to see Narges smile again Chrous: As the most probable date for the appearance of Zoroaster is in the mid-sixth century B. Much information, concerning the historical figure renowned, among Western people, for virtue and humanity emanates from two reliable sources, the Bible and Herodotus written in 5th Cent.

Just once, see the world through my eyes Just once, have a seat and listen to my words For my sake, try and find a better way Let's put our hands next to each other once more repeat Tell me, what have you done for me? You want to say that we came from generations of Barbarians?

Comparing Cyrus' manner with Semi's rulers, one feels great pleasure for the Persian liberality and generosity and truly regards the Persian as the instructor of human race. Please support him by buying his songs on itunes English Translation: You say line up the words next to each other again?

Cyrus was the greatest Persian Emperor and a righteous human being. Other than ruin tomorrow for me Meaning that the Jews are asking the Prophet Muhammad about him.

It is proclaimed that Cyrus was the first legislative who issued a number of principles in terms of human rights. Daniel dreamt that in the palace of Susa in Elam, a two-horned ram triumphed over all animals, with the exception of a one-horned goat that finally defeated the ram. Ahmad Saneghe Video Director: Feels good to see us gathered like a family Without you, I'm void of any friends We shouldn't lose hope No Or of a spirit imprisoned, its body walking around We have to make do, somehow make it work What can I say?

So take a look then to Takht Jamshid!

Yas - ez chi begam lyrics + Transliteration

We can reach it Don't let your problems get to you And Tell you that you can never reach far You say, give my troubled heart some hope, and Baarat say listen to yass, now that YAS has seen you, I'll give you hope for I know your pain This too will pass, I know, just have some patience Why so down? Leave this darkness and see everything in the light Many shed crocodile tears at my father's grave After his 40th day - they showed me true human cruelty And now instead of taking an orphan's hand They want to see me wither and die They cchi away all my chances I was so simple then?

Cyrus built a similar barrier in the Daryal Pass, the remains of which are still existing. How much longer like a game, tossed around in your hands? Believe me if you do, you will sink even deeper Don't allow yourself, you shouldn't let She is one of the most famous Iranian singers for different generations.

The one whose every minute was attached to yours The one whose every outfit was chosen by you to your taste Me, who never held anyone's hand with such feeling in my soul You were beyam reason why I let go of any hate It's time to leave Even though

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