Dota allstars 6.69 ai map

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Crashes still going on. November 11, 2: Anonymous August 23, at Anonymous August 20, at Top Posts DotA 6.

I and my friends wait for new AI map Hurry up already,I want tos ee the new heroes However,the best would be if ot would eb possbile to make leaving players turn to AI How about they beign sentinel or scourge controled Bah 6.

Anonymous Dot 28, at 5: Anonymous November 18, at 9: Dota AI Mapfeed. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys!

Anonymous January 26, at 4: Some heroes may have that problem too. Download map DotA Allstars 6. Doota me give you an opinion, when you do IceFrog another map to give an''updated''in the graph to add anything on it, put other monsters to win xp, I think that also could have a map that was based on a alletars vs orc base thanks for listening. October 6, at 9: And apparently, i found one.

Anonymous January 6, at 7: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best xota on our website. Anonymous October 17, at So guys, shut the fuck up, and wait. Anonymous April 3, at 1: This AI is shit.

BugFinder March 27, at 4: The MKB's true strike would give you the ability to always hits the target and never miss. Anonymous December 7, at Anonymous September 8, at Anonymous April 2, at 1: Anonymous October 5, at 1: Anonymous December 29, at 7: Anonymous June 16, at 3: Anonymous November 30, at 7: Anonymous January 7, at 3: Anonymous January 24, at 9: Anonymous April 11, at 2: These items allow great new gameplay combos and tactics, try it out!

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