Robodini 1.1

Really is a big difference,I think that Robodini played the level of Houdini 1. Luigi on Thu Jan 31, 2: How much time you spent writing this engine? Probably wanted to convey to all, not all that glitters is gold. Let's Get This Party Started!

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Robodini is a clone of Houdini3? My challenger wanted to be sure I really did my job thoroughly Smile. Here is a 1.11 I ran: This link is ok!

Message [Page 1 of 2 ]. He has expressed regret and the threat of possible legal action against him has been brought up.

I am in awe that someone would spend so much time doing something like this for virtually no reason and not even willing to take credit for it. Sponsored content Sponsored content. If the situation changes, I'll let you know. Windows 8 Home Edition Build 64 bit. In the meantime, please robovini the decision.

If you have any respect at all for Richard which I'm sure that most of you dothen it's best robosini let the matter die quietly. Graham Banks Elite Member. Last edited by Vladimir on Wed Jan 30, 2: Why is the executable so small? Why is the executable so small?

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Please login or register. Despite the differing sizes of the exe files, it would appear from Don's comments that Robodini is pretty much an out and out clone. roboxini

In fact this gave me quite a bit of headaches. How you did it? This unfortunate Robodini thing got way more attention than roboidni really deserves.

The name "Robodini" was inspired by dr. R Super Moderator Status: Tournament Game in 5 Minutes Hardware: Message [Page 2 of robodin ]. They are as close as possible. I am still working on Critter. I think Richard Vida only make it as a joke: Having Robbolito source code at my disposal was really essential.

Why that funny name?

Robodini - Very strong Engine

Please accept my apologies for the confusion I unwillingly created. In order to claim my win on the bet I was supposed to publish a working binary on a public chess forum. Honestly, Roobodini don't want to see anybody wasting his time seriosly testing it. Wael Deeb Date Please, will you release a multi-threaded version? What was your motivation to write such a "monstrosity"? Houdart, I think this release won't harm his sales nor his ego.

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