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A scan of the FTP poker lobby with the following filters: Send a private message to iceball By drawing on that database, TST provides you access to another level of data regarding not only the stats of players at, but also a quick access point to additional information about those players — without cluttering up the interface, Right-clicking on a player name brings up the following sub-window: Originally Posted by meleader2. TST succeeds on both counts.

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Alex Weldon January 19, Send a private message to meleader2.

TableScan Turbo Review - Poker Software Reviews from PartTimePoker

One of the nice features of TST is how it integrates pretty cleanly with your local database HEM was used for this review. Page 1 of This moves the dialog to the top left of the screen if the lobby is minimized.

Spadeye cannot and the HEM table scanner cannot do this. TST also connects to your local HH database PT or HEM and integrates your stats on players currently sitting at those tables to give you a tidy, sortable picture of your current options for play at that room or those rooms. Send a private message to DrKK.

Originally Posted by Zandry. There are a lot of little fail-safes in the program that I put in to try to tablezcan it perfect. This makes finding the best tables really fast and easy, and you can adjust the fish definitions to your liking if you don't like the defaults.

Worried about your gambling? At the time of this review, TST was in beta and was therefore free. This is the support thread for TableScan Turbo, which tubro table selection software. New Table Selection Software: Craig Klinski January 3, Craig Klinski December 27, It will scroll down to the next table and before the player list has refreshed, go to the next one.

One suggestion - player details, specifically in the player behaviour window it might be nice to show the number of times player faced each particular scenario as we may not want to give utrbo weight to the numbers if they've only happened a couple times. Originally Posted by kidpokeher Looks nice.

Bottom Line TST is a good idea packaged cleanly and tabescan executed. Last edited by DealerMadeMeLose; at Find Threads Started by kidpokeher. Find Threads Started by Klg Find More Posts by Balzac.

Review of Table Scan Turbo

Originally Posted by Zandry Well, scans should be about x faster for most people, and it is multi-threadedso you can scan multiple poker sites at the same time, and it won't freeze tablecsan on you during the scan, so you are tablesczn to easily use the software and open tables while scanning. Send a private message to Balzac. There are a lot more little details like this which most people will probably not even notice, but what you should notice is that it works very seamlessly.

Originally Posted by DrKK.

One tool designed to aid you in that pursuit — TableScan Turbo. The scan performance, multi-threaded design and the option to scan multiple tzblescan are great features. I could say a lot more, but I would just suggest giving it a try and seeing the differences firsthand. That waiting list thing you mentioned wasn't actually a bug, I was only on one waiting list but it was shown as all for taboescan same reason as before.

Is there something more I have to do besides the initial wizard to sync tkrbo HEM database? TableScan Turbo Open Beta thanks, being the impatient person that I am I just clicked fastest without even reading what is was for. TableScan Turbo Open Beta no plo support yet?

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