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I found when Menace is doing the thing it does well, it really does deliver in spades. As well as composing himself he has also I'm a sucker for a lot of JST products, but I don't blindly buy them without taking into consideration what they'll accomplish for me. Could you not get a good tone while using it?

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In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing Toneforge menace let this post deter you, as Sturgis himself has proven that this plugin is more than capable of performing on a professional level See Miss May I's latest album, "Deathless" and for the price, you won't find a better amp sim suited for metal.

They're also there so that you can tweak the tone all in the same program saving CPU and leaving you with a superb playing tone with virtually no latency while tracking.

He has also worked extensively in TV, Advertising and Film. In my experiences, Toneforge blows other amp simulation software out of the water.

Review: Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Menace

The Toneforge Menace is billed as an Aggressive Metal amp. Although you can use other limiters out there, the built in limiter works emnace fine and does exactly what it was designed to do I will say that L1 is my favorite though. After this we get a dedicated EQ section and a Limiter. It does what it says on the tin. But after testing several simulators toneforge menace i has been very good help.

This then goes into a Cab stage which provides four speaker impulses to further shape the tone. This brings me to the first stage which looks like a Tube Screamer type tonefroge. Toneforge Menace from Joey Sturgis Tones does just that.

I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. At no point anywhere in this plugin does it say tube screamer. When I bought menace, I was tired of the old pod farm patches I kept using, and needed a fresh start for my guitar tone.

It's an overdrive pedal. When I start doing some recordings, I don't know a shit about this and start using Guitar Rig presets and I was stock in mejace. When I get Menace I realice the easy way to get a great tone without using any external plug-ins, which is good when you are starting.

Do not I am going to talk about technical aspects because I am new in this world of production. The tones you can get out of menace are awesome and you can do so much with it. The tube screamer isn't really intended for what you mentioned, but more commonly used to drive the input of the amp more to hit the "sweet spot" in a consistent way.

A NonLinear Educating Company.

Review: Joey Sturgis Tones - Toneforge Menace :

Personally I disagree with your comments about the limiter and tube screamer not being viable or comparable to 3rd party plugins. I'm failing to menac what the problem with it is.

Also could you elaborate on the 'TS' problem.

The part about the "Tube Screamer" For the past 20 years Toby has worked as a professional guitarist, programmer and producer. For the purpose of getting a good metal guitar tone, this pedal is key. Of course, processing of the guitar tone is needed no matter what simulator you use, but Toneforge makes mixing the guitar menxce A LOT easier.

Crisp distorted rhythm parts that have great note definition and some fantastically smooth high-gain lead tones come out of this thing. I found when Menace is doing the thing it does well, it really does deliver in spades. I think youve got the wrong idea on how a lot of these features are commonly used.

I've purchased hundreds of dollars worth of software over the years, searching for something toheforge help me get close to tonefoege "professional" sounding hi-gain guitar tone.

So, now, I can provide to my clients a quick view about them tone just open one plug-in. The biggest thing I love, is that it's brought me back from a really difficult bout of writer's block. In fact, reducing its Gain like you would on a Tube Screamer and using it as a clean boost into the front of the amp actually just destroys the sound.

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