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The Sound of Thunder. His heros are strong and brave; his or her enemies are brutal. I love Africa and adventures in the bush.

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The Sound of Thunder. Evil German mastermind with a bloodthirsty appetite and spoiler alert a fake hand that is a mace, flying to cause havoc in a zeppelin.

In the beginning I almost believed it, because he seemed to have an Read my full review. As a novel, Assegai is far from perfect. If you like action and adventure, give Wilbur Smith a try.

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He wanted to prove himself to his dad and the world. But the romance aspect of this book was too much. I know it will be great!

He knows how to keep me reading. Conjuring the magic, mystery, and bloody intrigue of a fascinating lost world, Desert God presents Wilbur Smith at the helm of one of the greatest stories of all time. This is one of the best xmith reads I had. I have loaned it to another member but when It is returned, I will quote here some of the romance lines.

He sith his youth avenging that death. Open Preview See a Problem? A Novel of Adventure. Trivia About Assegai Courtney See more by Wilbur Smith.

She saw him and pointed her assegai at his face. Book 1 of The Courtney Series: After leading former US President Teddy Roosevelt and his son on a large safari, Leon's reputation grows and he is visited by two distinct visitors, Otto von Meerbach and his beautiful mistress, Eva von Wellberg. Something to look out for in the second hand book shops. Smith beautifully describes the landscapes, the wildlife, and the Masai and their culture. But I finished it,and passed it on quickly,with a disclaimer.

There was potential but it fell flat.

Also, much of the forward energy is dispersed in puncturing and damaging a body that it goes into. I ended up wishing they'd all blow up in a giant zeppelin disaster by the last few chapters.

Books by Wilbur Smith. How can you love someone you never talked to?! Two stars because I learned what a safari is and what a badger looks like. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. I felt there were chosen just for the benefit of the story pointless might I say.

Assegai (Courtney, #12) by Wilbur Smith

Overall it was a slow but good enough read and I am hopping that Saffron will absolve Leon's story in the sequels. Off to the next one. So why keep on reading it?

We appreciate wilbbur feedback. Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. Although I will say, I really can't stand the thought of what colonialism has doneand those it has killed, so already I had that in the back of my mind the entire book.

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