WinDiets is a suite of tools based on the UK and US nutrition databases that provides extensive nutritional analysis capability. Using the dietetic product database provided or an updated one, Dietetic products in the menu gives access to the information in it. The menu and screens were improved to give larger targets for tablets and more user-friendliness. Tutorials, practical classes and self-study materials can incorporate a wide range of computer programs. The Student version is provided with UK data and most of the educational functions and represents great value for the low price charged.

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WinDiets will attempt to update workspaces created by WinDiets andalthough there may be problems especially if you used global foods. The first 3 publications summarise the main features of WinDiets, with a full list given below them. Replaced the graphical activity analysis in the Standard version with the Report analysis previously only available in the Professional version.

Demos of features available in the Standard version and above include:. Wise A Relational database for dietary products. This was used for teaching dietetic students how to obtain data using Structured Query Language, which allows the selection of a wide range of data without the need to write a special program. Login or create an account to post a review. It consists of several screens that contain text-input boxes and options which students can select that determine what statistical test is appropriate.

Then delete the folder c: Central America in English and Spanish. The dietetic product database must now either be created by the user or downloaded before it can be used and hence does not appear as a menu item unless required.

WinDiets Resource Pages

No instructions are provided for setting up WinDiets on a network; there are several possibilities and this is the responsibility of the local technical staff. In the event that you have a computer without this, it has to be installed.

A new version called Basic introduced at low cost to include only the UK database and without the recipe function and adding nutrient analyses from food labels; Diet by Colours withdrawn. Twenty sentences were presented at random from a larger pool and each had two missing words that the student had to match from the complete list of words. Some of the basic nutrition features of WinDiets include interactive screens with nutrient amounts shown as grades of colour intensity, 7-day activity diary to illustrate energy use during the day and calculate energy requirements.

It is always important that all running programs should be ended before setting up a new program. The program provides an interface that enables the researcher to see the total amount of each food that was consumed, decide on what questions to ask and allocate the relevant foods to these questions.

Lithuanian in English and Lithuanian. Uruguayan in English and Spanish. After the student has navigated the screens, the program writes a protocol outline, depending on the information entered by the student.

The demo program was improved so that it shows true data rather than windietss data, but it is limited to one food per meal or recipe and has no output functions. March WinDiets was redesigned to improve its use on tablets. Brazilian in English and Portugese.

Download WinDiets demo CDwhich is a zipped file containing an executable file and instructions. Demos of features available in winddiets Professional version and above include:.

[WinDiet. Support decision system for the assessment of nutritional status and diet prescription].

January WinDiets was improved by altering the structure of the database to integrate the databases better and improve the searching for foods. Windiets Professional is built with a number of highly innovative features that are used in nutrition education and research. Active Learning in Higher Education 4, Wise A Web-based program to illustrate metabolic pathways to students.

Wise A A program to help students dindiets life sciences prepare a research protocol. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. The program was introduced to fourth stage students of Nutrition and Dietetics at the beginning of the Research Project wndiets.

All third-party antivirus programs are uninstalled. Installation Do you have the rights to install programs?

Latin American in English and Spanish.

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