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If there was a wider vareity of blogs with the premium plugin then it would be a lot better. Learn how your comment data is processed. And so here is my another great review about the plugin. Michael would love you to read.. CommentLuv plugin is a great plugin for commenting, we get lot of benefits for this plugin, as a blogger i really like this plugin.

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March 22, at 2: After some quick checking, majority of these broken links comes from CommentLuv plugin remember the link building feature? Is it possible to test the premium version also?

Why Install Commentluv Premium When There's Commentluv Free?

I will guaranty every one luv it. Commentluv helps to attracts comments a good thing for page rank prdmium, but you will also get people trying to spam your site to take advantage of that link. If you install Commentluv Premium on your blog, and set it up in such a way that it attracts visitors and new backlinks, your own traffic and visitor numbers will skyrocket. Adrienne, you are a good friend and trust me when I tell you this; I always enjoyed your writing or accompany!

Really now love it.

Hi Reigna, There is still a free version of CommentLuv, too. In the article, he said about broken links and immediately, it struck me like a thunderbolt straight through my heart. So not necessarily so great for SEO. Detroit Metro Airport — Military Friendly. The link and associated data is saved to the comment meta table My comments form does not show the name and url fields, just the textarea Make sure you log out of your blog and view the form as a user would.

I have a nice system that is web based that scans my site daily and sends me an email if any of several errors are encountered, one of which is broken links. Hey bro, Right now as I comment, I see you have commentLuv back running. It helps you to promote your website indirectly and you are going to get lots of comments.

Comment Luv is a very good plug-in. Lastly, for the NoFollow rule.

CommentLuv plugin is a great plugin for commenting, we get lot of benefits for this plugin, as a blogger i really like this plugin. There are also links from inside the plugin to Help sections etc.

More About Me and my Consulting Services. In addition, Commentluv comment is good for simple comment and desain.

CommentLuv Premium Comment Plugin: Love It Or Hate It?

Right now my long suits are forging bonds commentouv other bloggers and at least trying to make epic content about OFF line business marketing. I am also a big fan of comment luv. You may want to contact them to see if they will reconsider and get you off.

Skip to secondary content. You should get CommentLuv premium as it offers more advantages over the free one. That could lead to a whole lot of trouble and it does make me wonder whether CommentLuv is a viable option on a much larger blog. The new and improved Comment Luv search engine is already online to make finding other CommentLuv bloggers in your niche easier than ever.

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I have not regretted it. Hi Tim, No worries. The first one is likely to be very helpful in eliminating even more spam. I probably had about broken links. So cheap and unlimited license. Reginald on August 25, at 1: I hope get some good results.

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