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1 Mangerica Font

Happy Sans-Serif The unique Mangerica Font Family is a wonderful mix of script and geometric shapes, along with a splash of humanistic ones as well to create an original sans-serif font that's all smiles.

By Bonjour Type - Ends in.

With this Mighty Deal, you'll get the whole family: Highly Legible Even at small sizes, Mangerica's real easy to read. When you purchase a deal your account will be automatically created. This a license for one user only, to use as Desktop or Webfont up to 10, views per month.

With 9 fonts in the regular family, this set is great for everything from large headlines to small text. You'll even get a slew of OpenType features such as alternating glyphs, ligatures, small caps and more! Versatile in Style Everyone in the Mangerica Family pitches in, so this versatile font can be used just about anywhere. Like the slightly cartoonish Mangerica Fonts.

It even supports a wide range of languages. By Haksen Letters - Ends in. Mangerica Regular Font Family Highlights: Delivered as an mangericx download, after completing your purchase.

Mangerica Font Family –

This original sans-serif typeface mixes up script, geometric shapes and some humanistic shapes for a real unique look that's a total barrel of laughs. By Laura Worthington - Ends in. By Brigantine Designs - Ends in. By Creative Fabrica - Ends in. Have an account already? Some fonts just mangeerica fun.

Thanks to its large x-height, open fonh, low contrast and distinguishable forms, it's highly legible even at the smallest of sizes. By Graptail - Ends in. This happy feeling font especially on the heavier weights even has a bit of a cartoony feel thanks to the contrast irregularities. By ZippyPixels - Ends in.

By ijemrockart - Ends in. By Invisible Studio - Ends in. By Bombastype - Ends in.

The desktop fonts are delivered in. May be used for both commercial and personal projects. The ultra weight is perfect for headlines, while the regular is great for setting text.

Mangerica's loaded with 'em, including alternating glyphs, ligatures, small caps, old style, fractions, case-sensitive glyphs, lining and tabular figures and more!

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