Maqetta will expand the contents of the ZIP and store the embedded files within a target folder in your cloud workspace. Maqetta is an application for the visual design of interfaces for mobile applications in HTML5 that can be launched without installing external applications. This page about Maqetta was published by G. Web Development Newsletter Signup. That also gives site administrators the option of customizing your company's version of Maqetta to support your company's widgets and themes.

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Check our Privacy Policy. Alternatives to Maqetta 2. Publish a landing page in minutes and validate your startup with over 20 million early adopters. This option will tend to result in better performance than its cloud counterpart, but it's more difficult to share your mockups with your colleagues.

Searching our resource database to find your matches Be the first to write one, or check for additional reviews in the next section below. Directly over the Widget tab that we used to assign the button ID, there's a boxed arrow button. Email will not be published. Here are the pros and cons of open source software to Freemium BlueGriffon To install the software itself, just download it from the current website.

Introducing the Maqetta HTML5 Editor

The cloud version is exactly the same, except that it sends a confirmation email kaqetta your inbox. What is your job title? Once you've brought up an element in the palette, it may be dragged into the design editor and placed in the desired location in the document flow. That functionality is not supported by the local installation not surprising!

The program allows users to create attractive websites with a vast library of tools. With this tool, the user's work becomes very visual although it's combined with code edition. We are now focusing all our development efforts into the new Affinity Range - our next generation of professional graphics and photo editing software.

Running Maqetta Locally

Save your files and click it to preview the page in the browser. Reviews GitHub is where people build software. Download Maqetta and discover the possibilities that this tool offers maqstta the design of interfaces. One is to run it directly in the cloud.

Download Maqetta for PC - Free

Upload ZIP from local file system - With Release 10, we have added an the ability to mqetta a ZIP file from your local file system into your cloud workspace. Last revision This month. Reviews Information about Maqetta including independent reviews; ratings.

With Release 10, we no longer open a review session when clicking on Publish. Several new clipart icons - Release 10 adds the following new clipart images: Maqetta w orks using this system. To do that, select the button in the designer and click the Widget tab on the far right to bring up its properties.

If you're going to be using Maqetta locally more on that in a bityou're going to need Java Version 6 or greater installed on your machine. Here's what our test page looks like:. Maqetta is an application for the visual design of interfaces for mobile applications in HTML5 that can be launched without installing external applications. Files palette UI changes - changes to toolbar and context menus - With Release 10, the File palette has a redesigned toolbar, and the context menu has been changed.

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For more information, please visit the Orion website. What is your company size?

Source edits are now undo-able - If you change HTML source code in the Maqetta source editor either in source view or one of the split viewsthose changes are now undoable.

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