Master levitation system by steve fearson

I've got Posts. I'm not much into floating stuff and wouldn't have given that DVD a 2nd look without your glowing review. I played around with it and it works like a charm. Thsnks Steve, this is the real work! Omni Pen by Wizard FX.

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The Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson | theory11 forums

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I just never could find the right method in order to feel comfortable. Revealed for the first time is the enhanced Fearson Hookup. So ease to twin sisters meet the frownies and maintain. You can either peddle some high grade blue meth with the local high school dropout, or preferably, you can float stuff.

The wax is really soft and I personally like it better than lsvitation master wax. It's detailed, thorough, and the hookup itself is practical, workable, and one of the most significant advancements in thread work ever.

Apr 26, Steve really went all out for this. Fortunately, Steve sells the wax at a low price on his website as a single item he also sells all of the other items included in the kit, for replacements. Jun 25, So please bear with me. You've seen the hype.

Thsnks Steve, this is the real work! No, create an account now.

Steve is an engaging personality, and he is a joy to listen to and watch. I highly doubt that Steve would make a 2 hour dvd just to challenge Yigal.

No reel or spooler can offer the degree of control you will have when you use the Master Levitation System. At least the ones that employ i. May 24, It's on Steve's site. This video is so thorough, so detailed and crystal clear in it's explanations, that all fears fly out the window.

Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson Street Magic Tricks Watch Demo

Yes, my password is: He goes on to explain several variations of the hook up, and generously includes his master hook up, worth the price of the DVD, in my opinion. But I found an easy way to do it with the hookup on a borrowed deck, so if you have this message me here or on youtube: Indeed Steve has done a superb job!

Apr 23, He comes off as very spontaneous, and I enjoyed that. Learn the secrets of the original Fearson method which allows you to float objects like french fries, pop corn, lit cigarettes and candy right into your mouth!

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In case you are not familiar with Area 51, it is a super cool routine in which an glowing alien ectoplasmic object goes insane, attacking the magician. Also included is his famous, visually stunning Area 51 routine. I was able to levitate a morgan silver dollar, which masyer pretty hefty.

An ingenius device you can make or pennies makes it possible. Oct 21, Messages: This put the experience over the top.

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