Nitronic rush

But don't let that hold you back at all. Driving , Racing , General , Arcade , Futuristic of players: Its an Singleplayer game but there is an global ranking you can It is simply awesome. If you like a unique, challenging racing game, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't download it. Windows Games Racing Nitronic Rush Pilot a flying car through the strees of a futuristic city Nitronic Rush is a 3D futuristic racing game that's somewhat reminiscent of the movie Tron.

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The game is best played with an Xbox controller plugged into your PC. The object is to race your car through the track and reach the end terminal, while avoiding obstacles and keeping from careening into the endless abyss. Free Download for Windows. CONS Only two car models available to drive. Nitronic Rush is nitrojic.

Nitronic Rush

Its an Singleplayer game but there is an global ranking rhsh can play vs ghosts from other players and beat their best time Simply download and play - no registration needed. Last of all, there's 6 cars in the game. Pick up the soundtrack while you're at it. You experience self reliance, socializing with the real world, and you practice for your career of choice.

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The turning is tight and responsive, and doing tricks is a lot of fun, although holding down the right trigger to accelerate can get uncomfortable. If I have anything bad to say about this game, then it's that the story mode is short and generic, and the later levels can be frustrating.

While doing that, you are also rocketing off ramps to do amazing flips and turns. And by the way, it's free, which makes this game a must-own for any PC gamer. No thanks, continue to download Nitronic Rush. Need for Speed Returning to the essence and spectacle of the series.

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They have practically begun their careers. This game is for players Who likes games like Trackmania. By Metascore By user score. Download and installation help. It's also a shame there are only two car models to choose from.

For example, if a game has a lousy single player campaign, but an excellent multiplayer component, that section will be based solely on the multiplayer as if the single player did not exist.

The controls could have been done better but with what these amateurs have done, it can be excused. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This results rus wildly different scores between different reviewers, and vastly different scores between similar games.

It doesn't seem like much, but most of the cars are unique and provide a different experience. The first five sections can add a possible 2 points to the final score.

The universe in which Nitronic Rush is set is futuristic, right down to your race car's ability to fly, if necessary.

Saws ready to cut you into a thousand pieces, walls that suddenly appear in your way, giant fans set to blow you off-course and more are all pitfalls in this game that you'll have to overcome in order to prevail and finish the race. Because you don't create a game this immersive and cool by just practicing. Gladius - Relics of War.

You get to listen to some awesome tunes as well. Nitronic Rush's circuits are also full of dangerous obstacles to avoid. In due time, development studios, nktronic, and gamers alike will be keeping an eye on these young gun developers.

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