Nym warm blooded lizard

You have reinterpreted this concept to merge Music and Westerns. Or is it just a correlation, not causation? Comparisons to RZA have come up sometimes.

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They keep me dedicated and help me prioritize the rest of my life around my music.

Amusingly, there are still some iconic ones that I have not seen: Thanks again for speaking with Grateful Web. You have reinterpreted this concept to merge Music and Westerns. In your own words, what is the synopsis of Warm Blooded Lizard?

mp3: Warm Blooded Lizard () — Nym

This seemed at odds with a lot of conventional hip hop, even the instrumental stuff. I wanted to create songs that would drag ancient feelings out of my memory. Has his use of sampling served as an influence on your sound?

I feel like a lot bpooded the genre plays it very, very safe and plays emotion close to the chest. I think RZA and I found ourselves drawn to the same happy coincidence — you can stray long and far from your original concept as long as you frame your song in the right way.

NYM | Warm Blooded Lizard | Album Review w/ Interview

As in all great Western movies, the hero is dark and nebulous. Comparisons to RZA have come up sometimes. When these projects drop, I am counting on you to share them to any and all friends of discerning taste and questionable moral character.

First off, I just want to say… Wow, you have blown me away; this is one of the most imaginative, adventurous, detailed albums I have waem in a long time. Yall are the best fans a fella could want. They lack almost everything about a proper Western film that I like and trade it for cheese. May 17 at 4: You also regularly interact with your fans on Youtube and SoundCloud. This is not an option for me.

NYM | Warm Blooded Lizard | Album Review w/ Interview | Grateful Web

The vibe of that album is best described as stumbling through a dusty old attic full of questionably broken windup toys and moth-eaten clothing.

Kung fu or six shooters provide reference, listener imagination does the rest. And of course, what are some of your favorites? I receive so much positive feedback from my fans. The album is an epic journey, but for bloodev, where and how did it begin? They sacrifice the lawlessness and brutality of the time for fuzzy feelings. First of all, thank you.

mp3: Warm Blooded Lizard (2011)

I think the rest of my catalog and my upcoming projects will help to clarify this description. Fruition The Aggie Theater Review.

Warm Blooded Lizard is an ode to the Spaghetti Western, you implore traditional hip-hop and trip-hop elements with cinematic samples to create a ballad or story. Listen to the Warm Blooded Lizard. I wwarm at that song maybe five different times from a different angle and found myself simply recreating it again and again.

Grateful Web Interview with Cope. We both start with one genre and bend it to something else. Only images and emotions. Who long did it take you?

Warm Blooded Lizard musically explores the Western film genre, and reimagines it.

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