Ppjoy setup

So have you configured SPP, following all the instructions at http: Hello Shaul, Thank you for all your work on this topic This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Powered by Kunena Forum. Any progress on new version installer and tests?

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cannot setting mapping using ppjoy - RC Groups

I tried multiple ppjly however only the first time I tried to install it gave an error about an unknown publisher I have unzipped and redownloaded since to test if that would help. It's really simple what I need to do, but I don't know how to map commands with AHK from a keyboard to a joystick.

Download psexec from SysInternals, run an elevated cmd and then type pppjoy -i -s -d regedit. So have you configured SPP, following all the instructions at http: Tuesday, June 23, 4: And are you saying you can't change the Number of Axes and Buttons to more sensible number?

I am not going to buy software for this purpose. Tuesday, August 16, 8: Windows 7 IT Pro.

Installing PPJoy on Windows 7 (Win7 / Win 7)

Do this at your own risk! I now seetup on version 2. I'm using the turnygy 9x connected to the sound card ppjoy Parallel Port Joystick it should allow the computer to read it through the audio cable like with the normal usb cable then I'm using smartpropoplus to get the ppm signal I don't weather this is exactly what is happening but I saw a lot of ppoy on how to set it up this way.

In my case I'm using RealFlight RC simulator from Knife Edge Software, and the reason is, I want to be able to use this, to experiment, and as I'm travelling a lot, I can't always carry the controller along.

PPJoy after installing vJoy 4 years 6 months ago I installed Smartpropoplus on my Windows 7 in order to use my radio to control some simulators. Frankly, I only started today. I've created a screen capture just to document everything is working fine: I created an unsigned installer for you to test. For discovery and giving users options on how to connect ins and outs I'm letting them generate virtual joy movements off of physical joysticks.

Installing PPJoy on Windows 7 (Win7 / Win 7) - Knowledge Database

Several functions may not work. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Dec 28, I'm sure I'm doing something very wrong here: As far as I could see Windows just loads the driver, and then unloads it right away without sending any commands to it. By the way, I am thinking of further simplifying the architecture by defining a single multi top level HID descriptor that supposedly will give a multi device setup without the need to install devises.

One for the bus an another for the device The user will have to install two drivers. Images View all Images in thread.

You can try ppjou make sure your User There are quite a few discussions in this forum that might interest you. You don't need to buy anything. When I used the software it was rarely, as I'd have to spend about 30 - 40 minutes fiddling with it to get it to work properly.

Usually related to User It's ok, I will make it work somehow. Any progress on new version installer and tests? This uuid is HIDClass of course.

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