Message 9 of 9 2, Views. The blue highlighted line was where my curser happened to be What if anything do I do with these conflicts? It's amazing to have over CC and the game runs really fast now! Having trouble connecting to your game?

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You got to do it yourself for this one. One thing i love about this Tool.

There's also sims3sashboard fle called missingdeps. Fixed bug with not scanning HELS folder. Actually, I bet the problem was only with the paintings from here Questions belong in the forums. And the hours and minutes I spend trying to make out what these people are trying to explain is appalling, because I really don't see myself getting all of this, it's just THAT confusing.

Is there a dashboard tool the same as this that works for people using Vista?

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Anyway I still crash but it seems like after the third save sims3dzshboard goes D:. Take Survey No, Thanks. So anyway- about conflicts, what if the conflicts just say Everyday and the creator Yruz example is that a conflict that I should delete?

I accepted, but nothing shows up in Dashboard. Downloads Dashboard in the Sims 3 game is not working.

Search Wiki Search Members. For a full, complete guide to downloading complete with pictures and more information, see: Sims3dashboafd boyfriend said that they'd prob release a new Sims in Wow thanks, this is what I've been looking for ages and it realy helps a lot note i have over third party CCs and the game loads 15 minutes by all expansions i do always a monthly packages cleanup and it normaly takes me a day or two now it will be minutes, thank you so much.

My game works again!

Introduction ?

Message 9 of 9 2, Views. Then I decided to look at the main game files. What does this tool do?

June I received a message while playing the Sims 3 letting me know I have 6 items in the Downloads Dashboard. I apologize if this has been brought up, I must have missed it if it has.

That I have installed it's just a blank box. I was hoping for next year, and I know sims3dashboad not gonna happen. Well aside from that Everything seems to work just fine i have some pretty Decorated houses in my hood so loading time has always been a problem but after this smis3dashboard noticed the game was close to like it was day one much faster than before. Any "bad" files are identified in Red and can be selected using the "Select Corrupt" button.

Mod The Sims - Testers Wanter - Sims 3 Dashboard tool (Updated 20th June v)

Troubleshoot and test your connection. Originally Posted by Delphy on Overview page I ran this tool but sims3dashbowrd didn't tell me I had any problems! My New Sims 3 folders with store items are fine. Can I repair the blue lots in my game with dashboard? Tapped Out The Simpsons: June The Downloads Dashboard used to work in the past. I've tried deleting and placing them back into the mods folder and running the sims again, but they still don't seem to work anymore.

I'm not very good at technical stuff, so I'm not sure if I did something wrong. Is there a way to fix any of these?

For some reason my mods overrides such as Twallan's don't work anymore.

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