And what about this one: This is also contributing to a major reduction in complex code. I find a lot of old threads regarding Kobo mini or Kobo Glo but both are discontinued. Luckily you always have the option of building your own map. I'm very happy with the Yotaphone 2 which has a great E-ink display and a standard Oled on the other side.

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By using XML in our other configuration files especially xcdoar files we will have files in a similar format, still be plain text and prevent issues when changing versions currently task files are not compatible between versions or platforms. The label and location values are examples of what can be done here to allow input button labels to be displayed.


Note that not all maps are available. What are the experiences of the other users?

It can last one month from the USA to Europe. Now you can do so much more. This feature allows those with a built in keyboard to use any key to map to any function in XCS. Most Androids have built-in GPS. Discover Download Hardware Contact Develop. It is dcsoar and white, but is perfectly readable in direct sunlight.

Some Photos from Klix … and the Surrounding Area. Thank you to Thomas for this nice article. XCS will choose to set a global variable to specify what mode it thinks it is in. I have no personal experience with the Xoom.

XCSoar - Download

You can obviously adjust the map and waypoints files to your preferred soaring location. The official car docking kit is a good choice. This section describes setups that have been verified to work well. When writing input events, have a look where you put the StatusMessage and make sure xcsaor it is at the top, not the bottom if you have one.

Press APP1 again and the menu is gone - but more importantly for those with touch screens and limited buttons, each of these labels can optionally be assigned an Event and you can touch the button area as if it was a button. Thank you, I'll check that As you can see, the output is fairly similar with a higher sample rate from XCSoar.

XCSoar for Kobo – STODEUS

xcsoaf Batter last a good amount of time and you always carry a few AA batteries for back up. Drawback IMHO is the large energy consumption and the display in bright sunshine. However it is in the exact same format as can be read in by XCS and therefore can be used literally as a template for a more complicated file. It is a smartphone with xcsar transflective 5 inch screen that is perfectly readable in sunlight.

For example, you can click on the info boxes and you are now in "infobox" mode.

The label itself will go through gettext to allow language translations. There are a number of bluetooth devices out there eg: For those readers who do not own one of these devices: In some models it may be that buttons xcsor 4 across the top of the screen, where as others it is 3 or 2 or even 6.

Gliding in the Swiss Alps. NOTE - you only need to change the entries you want, you don't need to include the whole file - the default is assumed and then effectively you overwrite the entries you want.

You may also choose to drop a marker with the words "entered thermal". Launch XCSoar and bring up the main menu by double-tapping the screen or pressing the menu button on your phone; then navigate to: However we believe that is unnecessary anyway, you are not likely to change these sort of features very often, and definitely not on the field.

These device have an e-ink screen.

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