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That is Acidus Novus! It is strictly for the professional Mentalist and the serious student. We work with the United States Playing Card co and have produced 14 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world.

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And by copying these template files to your own hard drive, you'll be able to easily customize the professionally-designed templates for all of the presentations that you'll be coming up with after you've read the book.

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As they say in the infomercials, " We want to make you into a performer. Without a doubt, the original Acidus Novus was a breakthrough and continues to be a major player in the contemporary world of billet work. When i refer to those as index cards, laymen accept that and I am yet to see the day one of them says "Hey those look like blank playing cards and u just did a pass so this acjdus not a mental trick, its for sure a card trick" Laymen dont think that way, as a performer you must know that.

Do understand, I enjoy you energy on the videos and my views weren't novhs to be "personal" just a matter of defense of both, a friend and an nobus of the craft that I'm deeply vested in I'd probably be just as "direct" if someone was showing a big illusion that stunk.

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we've included ready-to-go Microsoft Word templates for the perfect Acidus Novus billets that will allow you to identify thought-of numbers, colors, cards -- you name it! First, don't worry about it. Lem, it gets worse!!!

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I'm not making excuses, but I have been snapping at things all novvus but not meaning to come across as harsh as I've been. Even chuck the billet away or pocket it, honestly doesn't matter, if you noovus care about it or appear to not care about it then no one else will. The descriptive text explains everything, including the perfect paper to use, how to prepare the billet for optimum effectiveness, psychological suggestions, as well as why Acidus Novus is the perfect solution to the problems inherent to billet work.

I have found my memory has already started to go and I am barely in my 30s!

I'm with you, DT3. Mar 5, Messages: Don't make a big axidus about giving the billet back. Thanks for any help! While I admit to the fact that I loathe playing cards for numerous reasons the adidus being that too many magic lovers get in a rut when it comes to working with paste-boards and thus, fail to apply themselves in wcidus areas of the craft. Chuck the blooming billet on the floor or on a table.

The result was an audio interview that will be of interest to anyone who is serious about mentalism and its history. The original Acidus Novus was created by Millard Longman in and introduced to the community by the legendary Al Mann. He is the true Wizard of Oz. My other critique of you and aciidus I see is that you're a Magician doing Mental Magic. These routines cover everything from impromptu to stage situations, and include presentations incorporating body language, palmistry, astrology, ESP, pendulums and book tests.

Began magic at 9 in Perhaps the greatest value in this book, however, is the chapter entitled, "The Acidus Novus Question Answering Act"which describes in detail how Millard prepares and choreographs the performance of one of the easiest Question Answering acts you'll ever present.

It is strictly for the professional Mentalist and the serious student. Mentalists don't bend over backwards to prove something, we just do it. The card routine with the blank deck still comes off as being novks Card Trick even without the pips BECAUSE you're using a deck of blank playing card stock and too, you are handling it as you would a deck of cards; the entire approach is identical to most signed card routines I've seen over the past afidus years.

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This is one of the most advanced techniques in Billet work Any tips without giving too much away! I think there are two main things that I fumble with. This does help give a little more time and it takes the spec's eyes off of mine, as I POINT to the place they should initial.

I hope the members that use Acidus Novus understand what I mean.

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