The song "Araromire" by Wale Waves is one of the most anticipated and highly acclaimed film soundtracks of the s and Wale Waves has been constantly praised for his beautiful and powerful vocals on the song. The boat capsized and shooting was shut down for over a week. Before The Figurine , only few movies were fit to be shown in theatres as Nollywood was a home video-dominated Industry. Learn more More Like This. Femi staggers to sit on a log and Shola follows him caringly while others march on.

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His dean gladly signs his NYSC clearance paper and asks where he has been posted. Yet he remains a man of no words.

The Figurine (Araromire)

A jewel is arxromire held by the figurine which indicates some kind of magical powers. Season 7 Black Lightning: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To touch or carry off the sculpture brings seven years of prosperity and abundance, followed by seven years of poverty and total ruination. The Haunting of Hill House.

The historical essence is highly applaudable too.

Literally one would think Shola was in his finals when Femi and Mona were in their first year. Retrieved 12 November He mentioned instances such; sounds heard on the parade ground, which mysteriously led Sola and Femi closer to the Sculpture; the heavy rain when: March 16, at 7: I will so much like you to talk about that.

The props and lightening are good.

The Figurine () - IMDb

What starts off as cordial soon goes sour as they attempt to outdo one another to be named The CEO. Femi walking abreast his Friend Shola as the corps members traverse through a thick forest in an endurance trek suddenly became weary and struggles with his breath.

And above all, the figure is naked, because life itself is naked. Rain starts to fall and they both find shelter in a mud house.

Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 9 May The synopsis of Figurine Araromire shows that it is a story of two buddies and a girl Unfortunately, he omits the other part of the folklore. The Figurine' s funding came up when lots of questions were being asked about Arromire, about the level of mediocrity and lack of good structure in the industry.

At the first day of shoot, there was not enough pressure for the water to create the needed effect; the water eventually got finished and the shoot was cancelled for that day and was shot all over again the next day. Kunle just defies all laws of nature it seems.

The conclusion of the film which is left undecided has been subject to different interpretations.

After a London street fight, in which a local boy is hurt, Tijan's mother decides to He further tells him that he used to date Mona who is on the contrary: It portrays the realness of the African society; of values and of sights.

The film rests on established araromre combined creatively with waves of modernity and globalization. I just watched it today, and i LOVE it.

The Figurine (Araromire) – African Film Festival, Inc.

Throughout the party, Femi pays no attention to her and keeps staring at Mona whom he is apparently still in love with. He says even though Afolayan skillfully presents two options, he has made one very less plausible.

Viewers are led into this classic movie in a folktale about the village- Araromire.

This mythology works precisely because there remains a strong set of beliefs and folktales that many still hold to, in spite of modernizing and globalizing forces. Then, are they trying to tell us that Shola becomes one great egghead after school, looking closely at the well equipped study he has in his house?

The Mirror Boy is a mystical araromiee through Africa, seen through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, Tijan.

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