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Separate models for Virtual Cockpit and Virtual Cabin Flat and lifeless panels Difficult and non-intuitive user interface for 2D panel switching Readability problems with both 2D and VC Documentation difficult to use for familiarisation and learning Unrealistic sound set. An improved version, the B, introduced more powerful engines and a wider tailplane in The top switches are in the "up" position, but the ones below are actually in the "middle" position. As a result of slow sales, production ended in Well-modelled and reliable aircraft systems.

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So, anyone out there up for a challenge? But without such a re-work, I don't believe the will be able to compete on either platform. It's more or less fully-clickable, and it is possible to fly completely from the VC, although there are more usability issues that I'll come to later.

The whole "user interface design" of panel switching, if I can call it that, is completely non-intuitive. There is a page Pilot Operating Handbook I have a 19" flat panel monitor running 3400 Xyet with my eyes 3" away I still cannot see which button is which. And talking about tooltips - why not have them show the numeric setting when adjusting something like course or heading bugs, which is almost becoming an "industry standard" elsewhere these days, and would make the panel just that bit easier to use?

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I have the FFG Saab which is actually really good visually outside. Was this paint ever released for the FFG ?

Every new plane can be bewildering on first acquaintance, particularly a "busy" passenger turboprop, but there are ways to make it easier to get to know a new aircraft. In spite of its disembodied existence, the virtual cabin is realistic enough in itself, and with a good use of reflection produces a "being there" sort of feel. The external features have a very crisp appearance When I say "quite nice", that may sound as though I'm damning it with faint praise.

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Would be keen on that in my hanger sometime. I would quite understand if many newcomers to this aircraft gave up at some point during this unnecessarily difficult familiarisation process, and left it to gather dust in some unvisited part of their Aircraft selection menu. The second problem is that these icons are not in the same place on every panel, so that each new panel that comes up in effect shifts the icons somewhere else, so you have to play a game of "chase the icons with the mouse" in order to move around.

Again this is partly a subjective thing, but the Saab is a relatively small aircraft with relatively large engines and props, and the sounds for me just do not convey the full spectrum of sound - they are too lightweight and not nearly throaty enough.

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With the VC it would need two mice to accomplish. Sign In Sign Up. It's also important to point out that the complexity of the Saab systems is very well-represented. The difficulty of getting to grips with this aircraft is going to put a lot of people off, unless they are hardcore Saab fans who will presumably put up with ffz lot in order to fly their favourite aircraft.

I queried for a SAAB longs way back and was told directly not to buy the model as the service even when the shop was open selling the service minimal. Requires FFS Saab Once you've done this, the gauges will work and you're ready to fly. There are similar problems reading the various detente settings on the throttle quadrant. In terms of handling, it comes across as quite competent.

But then there's the third option, Virtual Cabin.

Freeware, limited distribution Added: Cannae find it anywhere. One way is to have the initial checklist to follow a nice linear, top-to-bottom or left-to-right scan.

Apparently this part of the system was not completed when the product was put on the market. The Panel page allows you to set the gauge refresh rate, as well as activating the gauges as mentioned earlier. What's the point of that? Saab originally built the fuselage and fin and did the final assembly, while Fairchild was responsible for the wings, empennage, and engine nacelles.

The top switches are in the "up" position, but the ones below are actually in the "middle" position.

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