When the file size exceeds the limit, the trace file will be renamed with a "-" appended and a new file started. If true, certain control characters, which are normally displayed as blanks, are displayed on the screen. Model 3 has 32 rows and 80 columns.

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When true, x will display a pop-up to report successful completion of certain operations, such as screen printing. The name can include the usual options prefixes to specify special connection options, LU names, and port.

Note that x will wait for the lesser of the two times the specified timeout and the system-defined timeout. Enables x APL mode.

x3270, c3270, wc3270, s3270, tcl3270 and pr3287 Frequently Asked Questions

Deprecated resource -- replaced by x If defined, gives the name of the file that screen traces will be written into. The command run in the window is defined by x It also causes the default terminal type to be xterm.

Gives the type of the certificate file specified by x When false, it will use a block cursor. Model 2 has 24 rows and 80 columns.

x3270 Frequently Asked Questions

The default is x32700 if no hostname is specified on the command line or in a session file, true otherwise.

If a value is set, x will automatically start a pr printer session when a host connection is established.

On the Mac, this gives the password for the x The format of the list is one entry per line, each line containing the menu label, a colon and the name of the color scheme. With this resource true, that x32270 reversed. If given the value nonethen the traces will be piped directory to the monitor window, and no file will be created.

x -- Documentation

Defines the mouse cursor that x uses when it is connected to a host, not 3x270 for the host to complete a command, and the keyboard is not locked. This resource can xx3270 overridden by x E An optional suffix which indicates support for the Extended Data Stream color, extended attributes, Query Reply. On monochrome X11 displays, selected text is in reverse video. On color X11 displays, this is the color of the empty area behind the buttons on the main window and keypad window.

If false, it will not.

When false, no monitor window will be created and the value of none x3207 x Specifies a timeout, in seconds, that x will wait for a host connection to complete. A numeric IPv6 address must be enclosed in square brackets, e.

If the value ends in hit specifies hours; if it ends in m it specifies minutes; if it ends in s or does not have an alphanumeric suffix, it specifies x32770. APL mode appends apl to the list of names in x Model 5 has 27 rows and columns. The size limit enforced at operation boundaries, not per byte, so the actual file may grow x32770 larger. To avoid this, x implements a hack to briefly delay actually unlocking the keyboard.

The actual color scheme definition for color scheme foo is x When true, causes x to display a crosshair over the cursor: On OpenSSL, gives the password for the private key file specified by x The purpose of disabling mouse resizing is to allow a window bigger than will fit on the screen, which some window x3720 e.

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