1313 hercules unbound

This film is a clear improvement over Actor Slash Model though they both share a few similarities. I guess anything with legs has loins. Sent to a Gladiator retreat, Hercules frustrates his fellow warriors with his arrogance, but when his rival, Capaneous, schemes to poison Hercules, he must learn humility and devise a plan to survive a wrestling match in his weakened state.

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Or maybe this postcard clip art is all the movie could secure rights to. A group of five young men agree to act as "test subjects" for plastic surgeon Victoria Franks. Edit Cast Cast overview: It's like flipping through the pages of a magazine.

The Haunting of Hill House. Grapple with your mouths, not your arms. It is not clear why the Parthenon and other non-specific Greek landmarks are in ruins in these shots, as Hercules was already a myth when actual Greek people were building said landmarks. Extra-loosely connected to the horror franchise by way of an oppressive cloud of Mythological Goddess-Voice who is really into the idea of murdering Hercules.


Metro Transit Authority video. Every scene with dialogue is zoomed in so you don't notice they're inside a porn mansion.

Boy Crazies Video There is a pool, and the pool has tiles, which is kind of Mediterranean, and then there is a sculpture fountain of a small naked boy peeing into the pool. None of the music is cued to any particular action, not that there is much, so it creates a mesmerizing effect where the first bodybuilding montage is gleeful and upbeat, then the second identical montage is foreboding and suspenseful, while the third has a Calypso vibe.

They are all ripped, but they pose like you or I would after watching Pumping Iron drunk, where we might kind of remember the thing where you put your balled fists on your hips and then puff out your chest, but we also do a sideways put-up-your-dukes pose like we are the Notre Dame mascot.

ยป We Found It On Netflix Instant: Hercules Unbound!

These do not feel like authentic details. The only sex implied by this movie is by its casting, which presumably took place on a couch. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 5 This Is Us: The Brotherhood Herculfs Speaking of odd choices, the villain of the film, Capaneous Brendan Unboud has multiple tattoos. In this painting the Incredible Hulk has his hand between his leg in such a way that he appears to have three or four testicles.

Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now. See all Hollywood Herculed. Occasionally the viewer catches glimpses of the gas grill next to the pool, or the cars parked in the distance through the woods behind the house.

A new student is finding it difficult to contain his supernatural powers on a group of bullies. Also, no characters ever sit in this movie, not once. View All Audience Reviews. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Much of this movie looks like pornography, because it was shot in the backyard of the sort of L. I think this is possibly the most phoned in movie of David DeCoteau's career. Wretched piece of tripe, a muscle man magazine come to life. Nobody really acts in this film, they spit out lines.

For years I obsessed over the book. But at least her sundress fell off. View All Photos 1.

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