Jquery-1.7.1.min.js file

The asker is asking for a link to the latest jQuery and you suggest including the contents of said link i. I actually prefer 1. That might mean, shock of all shocks, actually using IE to develop software!

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Can someone please help me with cile Credits to Basic for above snippet http: However, since jQuery 1. Neha sharma on February 10, at 7: I am trying to find the solution since more than a week now. Toucouleur on November 22, at 3: Adios to Winter Bash Maybe mention that code.

We invite everyone worldwide to join us in these traditions. Coming back to 1.

But, for development there is such a link on the jQuery code site. Hosting it yourself just means the user ends up with multiple copies of jquery in jquery-1.7.1.nin.js cache. Ticket Was this fixed in this release or we have to wait for the next release? This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

Dharmender Kumar on May 1, at 7: Not for nothing, but you shouldn't just automatically use the latest library.

Welcome to Stack Overflow! Had to switch back to 1. I'd seen that link, which led me to ask about an equivalent one on the "always available" Google link. I don't think filf understand the OP request. Wouldn't that sort of defeat the purpose of having a link that always points to the current version? If we forgot to fry some turkey of a bug, we want to hear about it. One of my pages is rendered completely blank when I use 1. There is a bug report on jQuery's site about this which they've closed as worksforme but I'm sure some people wouldn't be comfortable to use it as it is The asker is asking for a link to the latest jQuery and you suggest including the contents of said link i.

DG on March 21, at 2: Jacob 1, 7 2.

jQuery 1.7.1 Released

Several people are saying IE is broken with this release. I have some instructions like: Wouldn't that cause a problem with browser caching? See our Getting Involved page for information.

The above snippet will stick to 1.

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Up until jQuery 1. I do not see the fix for error method not found error on abort in jqXHR. Plippie 2, 25 Eko Kurniawan Khannedy on November 22, at 5:

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