Kousalya supraja rama purva sandhya pravartate

Tvad gopuragra sikharani nirikshamanah Svargapavarga padaveem paramam srayantah Martya manushya bhuvane matim aasraaynte Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam. May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee, O Lakshmi of the eyes like the lotus, of a bright face like the Moon, worshipped by the wives of Brahma, Shankara and Indra and a treasure of compassion. Kandarpa darpahara sundara divya murte Kanta kuchamburuha kudmala lola dhrishte Kalyana nirmala gunakara divya kirte Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam.

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One who is loved by Mother Kamala who is going to bring both of us together! Tvat pada dooli parita spuritottamangah Svargapavarga nirapeksha nijantarangah Kalpagamakalaniah aakulatam labhante Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam. The possessor of Sri i.

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You zandhya brighter than brightness itself. Ocean of faultless and auspicious virtues! The melody of your flute enchants Gopis. They remain most obedient to Thee. Ayarpadi, ladies are singing their sweet melodies as they are churning butter. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Lord of Sridevi and Bhudevi! The twittering of birds on all sides proclaims the dawn of the day. You are Lord Krishna Himself. Venkatesa, seeking your benevolent look of approval Garuda and other leaders of your retinue are jostling for your first look to enhance their supervisory authority. Sri Vaishnavas are waiting pravadtate your praise. Kowsalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya pravarthathe Uthishta narasardoola karthavyam daivamahnikam Sri Rama!

O Glorious Son of the daughter of Kosala Desha! May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee, O Lakshmi of the eyes like the lotus, of a bright face like the Moon, worshipped by the wives of Brahma, Shankara and Indra and a treasure of compassion.

She would not leave her Lord.

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Suprabhatam with Lyrics

Morning glory to you. Great God, do come to us to help us in our distress.

O Lord, the milk maids are churning their curd pots and are singing; the two sounds are competing with each other. O Lord of Seshagiri, the swarm of bees from the lotus flowers of the nearby tank have come out after tasting the honey and carrying makharanda pollen, waiting for your Dharsan. O resident of Sehadri, the seven holy rishis headed by Atri, having performed their morning sandhya, are at your feet offering beautiful lotuses and the waters of heavenly rivers, please receive them.

You have changed your abode from Heaven to Venkatam to give boons to your devotees. Your beauty enchants Sri Lakshmi. Wake up, dear; You have to do Your day-to-day duties; Do wake up please.

All the three worlds are under Your rule; they have to prosper. The daily Panchangam is to be read and approved by you.

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I tried the advanced search but was not successful so the request. With his melodious musical instruments Sage Narada is singing your endless stories set to music and dancing to the enchanting music with lovely hand gestures, may this morning be beautiful. The Chief of Gods like Brahma, the great sages and the good Yogins as Sanandana are pufva at Thy abode, holding auspicious things in their hands. Krishnam Vande Jagat Guru. Comments Off on Kouaslya. Rather, seek to know the Supreme Lord.

It is the time of dawn! Do not hate, but forgive.

May this morning be glorious to you.

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