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Scriptx cab

Requires IE 8 or later: Crashed when change printer using PrintSettings Use of PrintSetup and change printer would cause a full reset of settings such as papersize and orientation. Windows Installer database fails on Vista.

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A config section completed with version and sciptx information: Printing frame using IE 7 template did not give scaled to fit output. It never works with Adobe Reader now.

Basic printing with ScriptX

Security Manager unable to read previously accepted license in x86 Windows 8. Printing in applications For desktop and console applications using COM components. For example, for 'free' usage of ScriptX: Services for Windows PC user looking to upgrade your currently installed version, please click the button below. Printing will not work without this attribute.

Improved returning of errors with recent script engines. Fixed Improve handling of margin values when the orientation is changed in preview. Per machine licenses will not be cached on Windows csriptx Enhanced Protected mode.

MeadCo's ScriptX

UniqueId did not work on Windows XP. This is a maintenance release with fixes wcriptx a number of issues. Some minor issues in cab content declarations. Both deployment strategies are discussed in the developer kit documentation and in our Knowledge Bank.

Failed to correctly validate some license settings.

Removed legacy code for working on Windows License The License object provides the information required to build the parameters for a Security Manager object to specify the license file. Please note that individual frames cannot be previewed with this template. Enhanced Protected Mode is supported.

Release history

A config section completed with code version and location information and license information: Security Manager licenses could not be accepted if IE 5. Update all copies of smsx. The License object provides the information required to build the parameters for a Security Manager object to specify the license file.

First download the ScriptX Developer Resource kit from our downloads page. Removed legacy code for working on Windows XP.

This may will result in more "no default printer" error messages. Printing host printHtml removed redundant code, the host now uses enhanced security under XP SP2 and later.

IE 7 - rather nasty flicker when preview frame. An error occured if a first page extra footer was defined, but no first page footer.

This is the default behaviour. The behaviour of factory. Selecting a new printer in Windows Vista or later when protected mode on gave the driver defaults, not the currently chosen driver parameters. This release fixes some issues that were introduced in 7. Requirements for a successful installation The end user's system must have the"Download Signed ActiveX Controls" and "Script ActiveX control marked as fab for scripting" security settings enabled for the corresponding Security Zone. Removed unused legacy code.

ScriptX namespace provides a number of classes to simplify access to the ' meadco ' confguration section in web.

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