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If this very old program would be known as dangerus, every virus scanner would have it included by now. Cliffs Of Dover Read Only. I'm not convinced either way Jel. Thanks everyone for the help and encouragement. I just can't remember how to fix the 'dll hook does not exist' error That error has to do with the D3DWindower 1.

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Personally I'm extremely cautious about these things so I won't bother with the program. Also it have recording function.

That way it will be windowed By "Googling" I have found no reports of it causing problems. You typed x which I doubt would work If I use the windower in Win 7 I set the ini to x to leave room for the border.

My joystick is plugged in. So now that she runs all the time and the right size, what do I do to make the visuals the best they can be? Personally, I avoid these things like the plague. Black Shark - Technical Issues. Well friend seems like you got all the pieces Now the guys that know what they are doing will help you,They helped this old idiot many times. I see one other thing. Maybe Russ knows since he uses the Windower program and Win7 and v1.

When I worked with Zeus to get the eaw. If I try the D3D windower it says "failed to start process". BTW what exactly was the trojan that malwarebytes reported?

Just make your presence known in our forums and get to know us. Interested in contributing more to the project?

MalewareBytes reports a Trojan with D3Dwindower - SimHQ Forums

Over Flanders Fields - Mods. Now I am getting an error of 'Run-time error 53' Thanks. Hopefully that isn't the case for this new guy.

Happy Science Fiction Day! I belive I use to just configure the windwer and eaw.

I do not use it in Win If this very old program would be known as dangerus, every virus scanner would have it included by now. Windowsr asking these men will get you flying.

As you have it working in x it is probably just trying different "eaw. Let me know what happens. Resolution is set in the EAW ini file mine is set to X the native resolution for my monitor Re-set the screen in your eaw. This happend to me when I was testing out different configurations and EAW wouldn't load anymore. Did you copy all the files in the D3DWindower archive into the same windoer Do I get the "eaw.

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I am running an old I7 with 16 gigs of ram and Windows 7 premium X I will at least wait until I hear back from MalwareBytes.

Okay, I started from scratch and redownloaded everything and reinstalled. The Wrights, 1st flight, I've found it to be the best Trojan detector.

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