Dutching calculator

The total amount you'll win or loss should that specific outcome occur. To maximise returns on bonus bets you still want to ensure you are selecting an outcome that is gaining you a. The Commission rate will pull in the default amount for each event. This is how much will be returned with the Bookmakers and Betfair should that selection win the event.

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If doing this we would always suggest backing the same outcome with caalculator your free calvulator and your qualifying bet. Your vendor will provide guidance and support on getting up and running on the App. You are getting an enhanced odds if a team wins such as with Crownbets double winnings promotion. You can edit the commission to whatever it is you are paying into Betfair. If the calculator preloads on a draw it is important to select advanced mode and then lock in one of the teams to ensure your bet can gain you a potential bonus.

Join Pro Join Free Login. To access the calculators, click on the events shown in the offer calendar.

This shows which bookmaker the stake and price are showing. Enabling you to qualify for many potential bonuses. You will be shocked by how easy this is to learn! Join Pro Join Free Login. Using Bonus Money Pro you get instant access to our interactive guides, simple to follow methods, unique matched betting software, tools and the leading matched betting community in Australia.

Dutching Calculator App Guide & Review - BettingApps

To gain a larger bonus. Bonus Money compiles the odds for many bookmaker promotions and places them in a prefilled dutching calculator. Ability to add row. This is useful if you wish to add a bonus bet in with other dutched bets. The percentage is that of the Total Outlay. A button to recalculate optimal stake.

Advanced mode can be selected from the options menu. Diaries Community Pro Community. The promotions are generally giving us a very good margin over the bookmakers. The essence behind Dutching is that it allows you to make more than one selection and ensure that you will return an equal profit irrespective of which selection wins. If you hover your mouse cursor over the symbol, the promotion will show too. How to develop for the app directory Learn More.

Remeber that in most cases using the dutching calculator we are looking to obtain bonuses. It also updates dutchin profit and loss to account for the fact that when using a bonus there is no additional stake.

How to use the Dutching Calculators

The total amount you'll win or loss should that specific outcome occur. The main two concern the stake you want to put on or the cwlculator you want to make. To select or deselect simply click on the logo. The calculator shows you who you need to bet on and which bookmakers in order to get the cheapest possible qualifying cost. Having this ticked will mean that the suggested back amounts in Betfair will update automatically to create an equal profit.

All use of BonusMoney is at the Users own risk, and the User indemnifies the company for any loss it may suffer sutching using BonusMoney. Click Save once you are done. Calculafor can also deselect bookies from appearing in individual calculators by clicking on the bookie logo. Changing the amount staked and the Back odds is the calculato too.

It takes it to account the Stake Non Returned odds from the bookmaker when using a bonus. You can lock an outcome to ensure that when the optimal stakes are recalculated that you are on that outcome and your selected bookie.

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