Fast life yungstaz swag surfin

One day, someone broke in and stole all of his recording gear. He estimates that Swag Surfin' sales and radio play have made him at least "a few hundred grand. He thought it was just F.

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Collaborators circled in and out of the house he shared with his ex-girlfriend, listening to songs, sometimes buying them. And compared to the famous rappers and singers he works with, it's meeting other producers that leaves an impression. Swag Surfin' spent eight weeks on Tast Top chart inpeaking at No.

Marshall Tucker Band, Cracker and more Swqg 2. College towns go crazy. He estimates that Swag Surfin' sales and radio play have made him at least "a few hundred grand. One day, someone broke in and stole all of his recording gear. Above all, he said, the song is fun and friendly, in a genre that isn't always. He loves the feeling. Sign Up Find all our newsletters. While DJs like Harris and Walker feed off of interacting with the crowd, Erondu doesn't feel the need to.

He remembers an international student coming fat and immediately joining in the dance. Harris, the other DJ, said the reaction to Swag Surfin' can vary by the type of audience. In theater, older shows took all but our top spot. He's the background guy. Within two months, they told him it was a hit, a claim he had heard plenty of times before. It's that background, combined with how he got his big break, that reminds him to keep working.

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Erondu gave the bouncy club beat a suspenseful opening, four long synth horn notes, inspired by movie scores, all of it so slow that the word "swag" stretches across three beats. He's not the one jumping around on stage, directing the party. When Walker plays it, he'll chant "left, right, left," getting everyone swaying in unison.

It became a phenomenon, as did a requisite dance: Yet, across America, he drives people to the dance floor.

Erondu said he returns to Dade City "all the time," visiting his family, neighborhood and childhood church. Videos of swag-surfing students at historically black colleges go viral, football teams set recruiting videos to the song and Twitter users joke it's become the new black national anthem.

So where there's a will, there's a way. He kept playing in churches after his family moved to Valdosta, Ga.

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Want more stories like this? Erondu, known professionally as K. Still, he recorded some synth horns, created the instrumental that would launch his career, and posted it on his MySpace page, where it sat for months until the Stone Mountain, Ga. Courtesy of Kevin Erondu. David Byrne, Janelle Monae, Lorde and more.

Never miss out on fun with Tampa Bay's best source for family-friendly events. But YouTube views piled up, his phone rang and rang, and, finally, he drove to Atlanta to see for himself.

Here are the 10 best concerts coming to Tampa Bay in January 2. Some mostly white crowds liffe not recognize it, he said.

He's as shocked as anyone.

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