Ndure 3.0

If your dashboard is , you will need to update your dashboard by inserting a game containing a dashboard update. When it starts up, you will have to hit a key in order to enter the BIOS configuration screen. Try on a different computer, preferably a custom-built AMD computer. This is the only change that occurs on your "saves" drive.

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This softmod is Ndure, the most current and probably last softmod for the Xbox. Methods which require your Xbox to be fully booted first will not have an indicator whether the drive is unlocked or not.

Check the number in the top left of the screen. Hotswap right after you see the MS splash logo 6. Cio suggested these possible problem-solvers that would otherwise cause XboxHDM to lock up.


Open tray settings 5. By default, it is only set to stay at the menu for 5 minutes before defaultly entering into VGA Mode. What about error codes?

Submit Your Own Tutorial! The thing about UDDAE is it allows you to completely turn off your softmod, going to a retail, unmodded state. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Mdure.

Open tray settings 5. Of course, anybody with any version Xbox can follow the process above just to make sure their Xbox hard drive is unlocked before hotswapping. Checklist Ok, we are almost ready. Results 1 to 1 of 1.

Del or Ctrl Alt Esc Compaq: Your Account Active Users: Make your own Action Replay for Softmoddin. Creates Ndure Retail Setup 3. Can convert the setup to use with xboxhdm 7. MOre details on how to use xboxhdm installer is on Readme. If all else fails, Here are a few suggestions. Boot a game and start playing it, then hotswap 4.

hotswap - originalxbox

Xbox Error Light Meanings. Softmod Installer Deluxe v1. How do I unlock the hard drive? Please select your own Kernel versions for these options, because picking the wrong version will result in a nonworking Xbox. Finally, perform the following:. Ndurre Ndure Basic Setup 2. Creates Ndure Basic Setup 2. If you receive a screen indicating "Your Xbox requires service".

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Xbox Homebrew Active Users: I personally use mine hooked up to secondary master and it works fine. Just another way kingroach looks out for his users and wants to make them feel safe. Nduee at your own risk. And the best part about all of this is it was free!

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