English. (Vodim te na igranku, na-na-na-na igranku) (Ku-ku-ku-ku igranku, vodim te na igranku) (Vodim te na igranku, na-na-na-na.">

Who see nina zizic igranka

Listen and Vote for Your Favourite! June 1, at 2: You can watch their glossy video and read the lyrics to the song below. Thank you for the nice complement. They seem to have forgotten that rap rarely gets through even if it deserves to see Montenegro

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And you would be welcomed with a huge party in our capital — Podgorica. TOP - Which Eurovision songs really have stood the test of time?

Nina Žižić & Who See - Igranka (English translation)

The idea was to spread positive energy with the song. I like this entry. Who See have a lazy approach to music. Depends which clubs you go to I guess — ideally ones where construction work has been completed.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. May 15, at Montenegrin Translation Montenegrin Vodim te na igranku, na-na-na-na igranku Ku-ku-ku-ku igranku, vodim te na igranku Vodim te na igranku, na-na-na-na igranku Ku-ku-ku-ku igranku, vodim te na igranku.

If Nina Zizic can deliver, this could be truly memorable, not least because it follows a string se female ballads in the first semi-final Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands.

Lyrics San Marino Discuss: I kind of love this song for testing the boundaries of what Eurovision is traditionally known for. Can you tell us your plans for the presentation of your entry in Malmo or is it a kept secret at the moment. Or should that be hard helmet? Vote Up -1 Vote Down.

January 3, TOP Damn the haters, this is an incredible song.

July 13, at Blog Stats 3, hits. But somehow this feels different. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Despite turning the volume down to the lowest dial, it still sounded noisy.

Or was the noise simply too much to handle? They collated all the unnecessary effects on dozens of chart hits and embellished theirs with it. If that will happen, I think you would like Montenegro. You deserved to win! Eurovision Apocalypse The weird, wacky and wonderful from National Finals from Roy Delaney Meanwhile in Europe A perspective of our contest for viewers and listeners across the pond.

Montenegro: Is Who See Playing a Joke with “Igranka”?

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Igranka – Wikipedia

Is this yet another disaster from Montenegro? Notify me of new comments via email. Aho 15, at 1: The beat goes crazy in my head My pocket is burning, pour me a drink Grill, garlic, parsley, fish Give it all to me so I can binge. Fikri Yeah, I noticed that.

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