Darksiders 2 arguls tomb dlc

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Even the boss at the end of the dungeon presents little challenge. Drop down from the ledge you come out onto and then return to where the western part of the path containing a pressure plate and a single set of metal bars, which allows you to return to statue. Use the Death Grip to pull yourself into the first portal and land on the wooden beam. However, there is a significant amount of loot to snatch up.

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Fight your way through all of them and continue on your path, pulling the lever to drop the gate in front of you. Jump at the pillar it sits on and go through the portal, then fight the enemies that wait for you there.

After unlocking the door with the skeleton key, you will see a brief cinematic and face the boss of the Spire, Frostbane. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Here, the Pale Rider will explore new dungeons and go toe-to-toe with an ancient evil.


Things kick off unexpectedly with a third-person shooter segment where Death wields a new gun called Gorehammer. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Originally posted by Far:.

Nov 19, 4: This bite-sized adventure will take Death into the icy are where the Deposed King once resided. Death is sent to the tomb of the Deposed King in return for a great reward. Last edited by rolandoftheeld ; Nov 19, 5: Activate that portal and then walk over to the western wall of this room and look outside.

Where before there were small nooks and crannies to explore, tough enemies to defeat, and collectibles to discover, the cavern is missing those elements. The short campaign includes three parts: Death ventures to the new icy area and comes across a familiar face, Ostegoth. After taking care of business, equip your Death Grip and jump back through the portal.

Darksivers to menu and going back in drops me at the autosave before turning in the quest. Take the lantern and drop it in front of the block. Go through it and head north. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

On the other hand, the more traditional dungeon sections are a little more entertaining. The expansion takes you to a never-before-seen location, where Death meets up with the merchant, Ostagoth, and learns about the fate of the Deposed King a character you encounter in a Land of the Dead side quest.

There was also an instance where the final kill animation of a boss left Death completely invisible. We recommend By Zergnet.

Table of Contents

The merchant tells Death the tale of Argul and how he was betrayed by the current King of the Dead, the Lord of Bones. Move the block over to the northern wall so that you can climb up, and then pull the lever to unlock all the gates below you.

This walkthrough covers The Frigid Spire. Set the lantern down on the pressure plate, walk past where the bars are, and use the Death Grip to pull the lantern to you. No problems with Belial, saving works fine.

Take the block through the gates and place it in front of the portal on the wall. Quickly, Deathgrip the hook in front of you when you pop up out of the portal, then pull yourself onto the nearby ledge to find some enemies frozen in ice. The Frigid Spire Guide.

When you get into the tower, climb the spiral staircase to come to a dead end with two inactive portals. Climb the wall tkmb the western side and Death Grip the block as it flies up. Then climb onto the block and shoot the portal above and to the west.

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