Navicat lite 10.0.5

Bug fixes of data transfer problem. Font settings in Preferences reset to default after restarting Navicat. Column width did not retain after hide and show the column in Table Viewer.

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Failed to save the order of connections in Navicat Cloud.

Crashed when exporting query results to CSV file. Import Wizard was slow in some cases. The conversion of databases from one format to another is arguably the most litd part of the software. Options to choose execution methods. Failed havicat run Backup Server jobs for cloud connections in Schedule. Compatible with Mac OS X Unable to edit query results in some cases.

Crashed when loading and parsing a long incorrect syntax SQL in Query. Crashed when right-clicked on an open area and seleted "Restore Backup". Wrongly showed primary key warning in some cases.

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Tables Viewer displayed wrong number of digits. Adjusted the file size behavior of "Use extended insert statements" when transfering to file. Data Lkte More options to choose for creating table.

Field properties were not shown when adding a field in Table Designer. Data display issues in table viewer. Added more popup option for Where and Having clauses in Query Builder.

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Access Violation error happened when creating new table with index. Access Violation error occured when exporting chart report to excel file.

Information Pane did not appear in some cases. Null date values were exported wrongly litte "" in Excel files. Unable to import decimal values when data has thousand separator. When importing data from an URL, it failed to create a temporary file if the same temporary file was being accessed.

Navicat Lite

Fixed timeout problem during the Backup run in Command Line. Improve suggestion on target data type and provide a default precision and scale information in Import Wizard.

The Identifiers list in Query Editor did not show items. Crashed occured in Server Monitor while getting the process list.

Query Table shortcut was missing in Table Viewer. Fixed the bug in Query Builder where functions were not displayed properly.

Added "Definer" property in Event. Customize of connection order.

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Support export to clipboard. The title in Console window did not update into newly changed connection name. User Interface Object information is now shown in pane inside Navicqt main form rather than pop-up modal dialog. The database names were truncated and the right half of the list was completely empty navicag advanced connections list in Connection Properties.

Query prompted for inputting the same parameter for every occurrence. Failed to include auto increment column setting for floating point data types.

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