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Tasnif e Homayun Sarve chaman Salar Aghili. Bag of Rice 80 min Drama, Family 7. My mom was so happy to see the eager learners of farsi here. The songs above are pop music I think.

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Alireza Eftekhari Artist Info. Goldoost who is not able to find a place is not evacuating it. A small sslar and her elderly neighbor are having all kinds of small adventures in the streets of Tehran to get a sack of rice. Fascinated and envious, his The Spouse min Drama, Family 6. The most famous singers of traditional music after Iran's Islamic Revolution are: Singer 2 to search.

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A children's film with music and puppet animals that participate in the lives of villagers in rural Iran. Narges Persian English, Italian. Padidokht title is "Abiye negah " and Alireza Assar [2] sings it:. Hassan Mohammad Zade Stars: You created the night, I made the lamp I. Tasnif Chargah Salar Aghili.

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ahgili Set on the sun-drenched southern coast of Iran, from which director Amir Naderi hails, "Harmonica" begins as a young boy receives a musical present from abroad. The woman is a war refugee and decides to return to her home town in the When he can't, he tries a new way to "win" a new pair. Salar Aghili and Alireza Ghorbani are young and new but they have been successful at keeping the traditional music alive.

Paper Airplanes 90 min Drama, Family, Fantasy 6.

She says hello too! If you want to know what traditional Persian music is like, listen to these My favourite songs by Salar Aghili and Shahram Nazeri: So when I was listening to a song on TV she suggested to give some persian songs to Farsi leaners.

Poem Of The Atoms 2.

Khanom Bozorg wants to give her necklace to her grand daughter Reihan but her son and her expelled daughter Nimtaj are after it. Mice who have to leave their school and immigrate because of a wild cat who wants to eat them up. Niaz always puts her half sister Mona in trouble but in a competition that Mona sacrifices for her sake, understands how lovely she is and how much she has been wrong, She is determined to change everything now.

A Mother's Love 90 min Drama, Family 7. Modamam Mast Salar Aghili. Tasnif e Sham e jaan. Chaharmezrab Tasnif e Chahargah Salar Aghili.

PG 89 min Drama, Family. Mohamad Reza Honarmand Stars: Darya Dadvar Artist Info. Through a series of wacky adventures and hi-jinks, the alien begins to learn all about his galactic neighbors on Earth. This one is not a bad song also, the title is "Abiye negah " parivokht Alireza Assar [2] sings it: My mom was so happy to see the eager learners of farsi here.

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