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Waiting For The Darkest Day. Glow by Old Wounds. The Stone has all the expected vicious elements akin to this genre, but with amazing atmosphere and feeling, especially considering the lack of keyboards or symphonic pieces that have become all-so-common over the past years. Purchasable with gift card. The songs on Golet range from catchier, more direct material to lengthier, complex pieces and everything in between.

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Inthey released Umrowhich offered much of the same but was unfortunately hindered by a poor production that served neither side of the band particularly well.

The Stone - Golet - Heathen Harvest

There is certainly something special and unique about this album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, Golet by The Stone. If you like The Stone, you may also like: It goes without saying that experience and band maturity have had a wonderful effect on this project.

Think the transition that Immortal made between Blizzard Beasts and their later work and you get the idea. Located in Belgrade, Serbia.

All Graves Gaping Wide Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, go to album. The New Jersey outfit cast a gothic pall over hard-hitting hardcore, leaving us with a deliciously murky set of pit-starters.

You can thank me later. Waiting For The Darkest Day. Perhaps Golet is where The Stone always saw themselves arriving, but never had the resources to achieve this sound. The lines are cleaner, the sound of much better quality, and the overall presentation phenomenal.


Pred licem novog boga The Oakland trio possess a uniquely deadly skillset that proves them as masters of smudged, knotty, blackened death metal. The songs on Golet range from catchier, more direct material to lengthier, complex pieces and everything in between.

Tags metal blackmetal thestone belgrade Belgrade. Glow by Old Wounds.

The Stone – Golet

The Stone is a sinister Black Metal entity formed in At nearly an hour, Golet undoubtedly gets a bit long at times, but The Stone has golst dispersed strong songs throughout and ended with probably the best two of the bunch. For fans of the first and second waves of Scandinavian black metal, you will find a worthy album here.

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Produced by Honza Kapak and The Stone. Absolute mastery in all respects.

Sekao duboko, zakopao plitko I suppose one moves through stages both personally as well as musically as the sands empty slowly from the hourglass, growing and evolving as the mind adapts to each new year. In fact, on Golet the more expansive elements of the band have almost entirely vanished, thanks largely to a switch to an incredibly crisp and clear production. The drumming and guitars are the best elements in this setting.

The Stone - Golet - Invictus Productions

Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler. You will not be disappointed. Having this release as a cassette is the only disadvantage here, as I wore out sotne rewind button and in some sense, the tape itself throughout the last days.

Their gem Magla achieved a mix of Drudkh -like atmosphere and an internal riff monster commonly unheard in their region. There is certainly something different at work here. If you like The Stone, you may also like:.

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